Must Watch! ‘Timi Paila Matrai Sara…’ – Word Warriors

‘Timi Paila Matrai Sara…’ Word Warriors, The song is dedicated to the youth of the country for their selfless contribution, enthusiasm, determination, zeal, compassion, dedication, and profound display of responsibility during the post-earthquake relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction process.


A big salute to the youth, the real heroes of the country. | A Search for Common Ground (SFCG) Nepal initiative

The difference of your differences is way too small; negligible is the trouble, where you tear up your fears gear up your gears for an uphill ride. You’ve always had what is takes to leave the nightmares behind. To surprise the sorrow, build a better tomorrow to heal your hollow hearts. Overcome the fingers and stares rise up to your parts, a brand new chapter starts, see things differently, you are not just stars, you’re Constellations, Revelations, and miles above the allegations. So unite! Work through the broken lines, break off it. You’re the wind in the air, pile up your paper planes and take off it. Source a verse out of adversity and make a song of it.
Timi paila matra sara….


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