Think about your facial cosmetics !

mascaraThink about your facial cosmetics !
Beauty products do help to enhance the beauty of its users. But also can harm if their expiration date is not been taken considered seriously. Cosmetics have an expiration date as they are the medical products and should be removed away from the vanity box as soon as this date moves on . As there are no international standards for marking the expiration date , the more is problem to detect the expiration date. But still one can be benefited if can consciously and cautiously follow up some ways to know about the expiration of makeup.

Tropical climate is one reason which mark up the expiry of the makeup products. To make the cosmetics last longer the best way is not to store them in the bathroom where there is moisture. It is better to store them in a cool dry place most preferably in a zip lock bag which prevents the cosmetics out of reach of oxygen. Make consideration not to use them with wet and dirty hands.

Among all the cosmetic products mascara is the one which should be taken an extra care. Its life span is in normal from three to six months. As this product is based on water it becomes the easy breeding ground for bacteria. This may lead that the mascara being used may turn bad even before its three months come to the end. Though sharing is good but not with the cosmetics even not with the close friends and of course , no way with the mascara.

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