A film based on Nepal earthquakes hits the screens on December 15

A film based on Nepal earthquakes of 2015, My Love (Promise for Kathmandu), is slated to hit the theatres across Nepal on December 15. The film is directed by Japanese filmmaker Dr.Toshiaki Itoh, who holds a doctorate in the history of Nepali films.

The film will document the tragedies brought about the quakes in the country and the relief work carried out by security, aid agencies and countries in the aftermath of the disaster, producers said at a function held for release the film’s official trailer.

According to the filmmaker, the movie will also touch upon the importance of the heritage sites destroyed by the earthquake and their reconstruction and conservation. The film was shot in various places around the Valley such as Patan, Khokana, Bungmati, Pashupati and Bhaktapur, and will in part follow a Japanese rescue team who travelled to Nepal after the quakes.

My Love (Promise for Kathmandu) feature actors Ganesh Lama, Sheetal Shrestha, Yuichi Hayata, Ribbon Mizutani, Shutaro Matsuda, and Kazutoshi tasaka, among others. My Love (Promise for Kathmandu) is director Itoh’s second Nepali feature directorial. Earlier, He had had directed Shirish ko Phool, based on the eponymous novel by Parijaat.

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