Oldest Love Letter written on Valentine’s Day

February 14 or the Valentine’s Day. On this day, Saint Valentine taught soldier to love and also sacrificed his life.

On the love day started by the saint, Margery Brews had written a love letter to her boyfriend in 1477. The emotional letter is considered as first love letter written on the Valentine’ Day.

The letter that has been kept safely at the British Library was written by Margery Brews to her lover John Paston. On the letter, she said that John is near her heart and she is sick. Saying that she is not fit physically and mentally, Brews had mentioned that she won’t be fine until she hears John’s voice.

Oldest Love Letter

Oldest Love Letter written on Valentine’s Day; The lover letter sent by Margery Brews to her lover John Paston

“I am not healthy, unfit physically and mentally. I don’t I will recover unless I hear your voice. Mother had asked father to add dowry. But, they are yet to reach an agreement. You will marry be at any cost if you had loved me. I believe you will never leave me alone.”

Finally, the story ended happily as their love transformed into marriage.

It is the part of biggest collection of English Private Correspondent in 15th century. The collection offers a unique glimpse in to the personal lives of the Paston family from Norfolk – the family name comes from a Norfolk village about twenty miles north of Norwich.

The Pastons had risen from peasantry to aristocracy in just a few generations: the first member of the family about whom anything is known was Clement Paston (d. 1419), a peasant, who gave an excellent education to his son William, enabling him to study law. John and Margery’s son, William, would become a prominent figure at the court of King Henry VIII.


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