Monsoon Attire: what to wear or Not?

Nepali Model Mansoon Season

Photo: Maheswor Man Singh / Glamour Nepal

Monsoon season can be bothersome. Wet clothes sticking to one’s skin is not an uncommon sight. The roads are also muddy and dirty. Hence, it is important to plan one’s attire during monsoon rains to not only be comfortable but also look attractive. Discussed below are tips for monsoon attire suitable for working women, homemakers and teenagers:

Nepali Model Mansoon Season

Photo: Maheswor Man Singh / Glamour Nepal

1) Thin Cotton Wear: Synthetic cotton is perfect for monsoon weather. It is suitable for women of all age groups. It also comes in different designs. However, it should not be worn too tight or too loose.

2) Kurti Trend: Kurtis are popular in monsoon, especially sleeveless kurtis. Cotton kurtis are cool to wear, and also dry easily if it gets wet in the rain. Because one tends to sweat more during monsoon weather, sleeveless kurtis are preferable.

3) Craft jeans: During monsoon rain, one has to fold one’s denim pants up to one’s knees time and again. Hence, craft jeans are best suited for this weather. It’s comfortable and stylish. It is popular among celebrities and public mass alike. It gives a cool feeling and can be worn with shirts and tops. The main attraction of craft jeans is that it can be worn with any type of footwear. Slim-framed women look good in cargo style craft denim. However, they should not wear it too loose, because it won’t fit well when drenched wet. It should not be too tight also, or the person will look thinner.

4) Monsoon footwear: If one is going to walk long distances in this weather, open sandals are preferable so that toes can breathe! It also avoids spread of fungus; water will not accumulate and avoids slipping. Open and flat sandals are better for monsoon season.

Tips to remember in monsoon:
– It is best to opt for synthetic fabric than cotton or silk sari/ suit because such material when wet will not stick to one’s body and also dries quickly
– Saris should not be worn too long, as monsoon rain will get it wet and dirty
– Opt for older clothes than brand new ones
– Avoid wearing clothes that can fade easily. It is preferable to wear darker colors and if one opts for lighter colors they should go for sky blue, light pink or yellow
– Use good brands of footwear that make synthetic leather slippers and shoes, which can be worn in water. Also, avoid using light slippers because they can easily   splash mud and dirty water.
– Always carry raincoat, umbrella, and small towel.

by Jayan Subba Manandhar


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