Mesmerizing Creativity Came alive in Graduation Fashion Show of Namuna College

Seventy-Nine Masterpieces created by seventy-nine graduating fashion designers of Namuna College of Fashion Technology, NCFT came alive in a stylish, bold, and beautiful manner in a fashion event showcased at Hotel Soaltee crown plaza on the 13th of April 2021. Almost three hours of non-stop fashion journey organized, produced, and showcased by 79 graduating designers of the 15th batch of NCFT saw a mesmerizing collection of wonderful designs based on the theme called ‘Shades of Woman’ where eight various sequences were been beautifully executed. The show was been an integral part of four years bachelor level course under a Bachelor of fashion design and management.

Each sequence garnered various elements of a woman’s personality. From bold, brave, and beautiful to smart, sexy, and successful. From Charismatic, confident, and careful to Pretty, positive, and powerful. From Daring, determined, and delightful to gorgeous, glamorous, and graceful. From warm-hearted, witty and wonderful to Woman power and pride, each segment honored and celebrated the various strengths and beautiful side of the woman personality. And that’s how the show title ‘Astitwa’ became complementing to the dresses been showcased in the event. The colors, fabrics, design details, silhouettes all were based on the various shades of woman personality.

The show not only presented dresses in a beautiful and stylish way but also addressed the present-day situation of global pandemic COVID 19. To complement with the situation and raise the awareness of utilization of mask, every model presented on the runway were wearing the mask complementing to dress they were been flaunting.

Besides this every designer as they appeared with their respective models, the designers were carrying a doll dressed exactly the same as their model were been dressed. This scene was something very innovative and can be claimed the very first time seen on the Nepalese runway.

The real treat to the eyes, the showcase of a beautiful collection of dresses kicked off with the runway appearance of the founder principal of NCFT Mrs. Gyani Shova Tuladhar along with models flaunting the dresses used for the photoshoot incorporated in the promotion of the event.

The attractive presentation of the runway performances of the models was been directed by Choreographer Rojin Shakya, where 20 gorgeous models played their part to make the show worth enough to witness. The participating models of the show were fifty percent being the college students studying in various semesters while the remaining fifty percent of the models were professionals.


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