Nirmiti Navyata faced Prejudging before the final showcase

71 aspiring designers, the graduating 18th batch students of Namuna College of fashion technology presented the preview regarding the creative designs they are to showcase finally on 7th April 2024 at Hyaat Regency, Boudha Kathmandu entitled as Nirmita Navyata.

It was about prejudging of their creativity and innovative ideas been put up to bring the dress form in the creative design within eight different themes for eight different collections. During the pre-judgment session recently been held at college premises itself, the graduating designers displayed the mini version of their creative wear in the form doll dress.

The 71 graduating designers showcased their creative wear of their respective collection explored under various themes. The prejudgment round saw the mini version of creative wear in the form of doll dress presented under different themes like Mystical creature, Fruity tones, Chain Chic in Denim Couture, Harmonia Vestis, Forms of Precipitation, Radiant Reflection, Macrame and Frosty Flourishes.

The panel of judges consisted of fashion designers Anu Shrestha and Sabina Chaudhary, fashion educators Kushma Shrestha and Rajendra Singh, Chairman of Saakha Group Kiran Prakash Saakha, Dr. Kul Bahadur Basnet and Prof. Dr. Jayalaxmi Pradhan.
As been informed by the college management the grades given at the Prejudgment Program will be added to the grades that will be given by the panel of judges to the designers’ creations during the actual Graduation Fashion Show.

The aggregate grades will then later be published by Purbanchal University under the subject Fashion Show as part of its End Semester Board Examinations of Bachelors of Fashion Design and Management (BFDM) program.


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