How to look Healthy & Attractive?

To look attractive, fashion is not the only thing that is important. It is also important to maintain a good physique. The youth are usually less careful in maintaining their physique and taking good care of their health. However, this can cause them to age faster and look old beyond their years. It is natural to age, but by taking good care of oneself and staying healthy, one can maintain fitness levels and look attractive. Some tips to help maintain attractiveness are listed below:

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Skin: Wrinkles affect both women and men. However, male skin normally looks ten years younger in comparison to women, and this is largely attributed to their thicker and shinier skin. When men reach 25 years of age, one can slowly see symptoms of old age in their skin. With poor health, skin glow can greatly recede. It is important to maintain skin hygiene with the use of soft soap or bath gel on skin and face. After-shaves are equally important. Symptoms of old age are most prevalent under eyes, around mouth and neck areas. Sunscreens and lip Vaseline are thus very important.

Soft wrinkles are normally seen when a man reaches 29. Smoking is harmful for skin, so is habit of crinkling eyebrows. Avoiding use of sunscreen especially in direct sunlight causes UV rays to have harmful and long-term effects on skin. It can make skin loose and elastic, and destroy collagen. The moment men reach their 20s, UV rays already start harming their skin, but it is not directly seen. The effects start showing when they reach their 40s in terms of soft lines and wrinkles around their faces.

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It is crucial to consider healthy skin tips to prevent wrinkles before time. Sunglasses are important to prevent wrinkles around the eye area. Sunscreen and sun lotion are mandatory as well.

Most importantly, regular exercises and extra activities are very important to maintain youth and fitness levels. A balanced and nutritious diet is an indispensable factor, along with drinking lots of water and coupled with a good moisturizer helps in maintaining skin glow and health.

One must never rub skin too hard as it causes the skin to stretch. It is important to avoid excessive and uncontrollable drinking. It is also important to stay away from air pollution and avoid use of too hot water on skin. Mild water is better.

Hair: Hair is normally thick from 20 to 30 years of age. After that, it starts getting thinner. This is a natural ageing process, but with good care and nutritious diet hair health can be maintained. A good hair does not require too much shampooing. Moreover, if hair is dry then it can be less troublesome than oily hair, which tends to usually be sweaty and sticky and one mush shower almost every day. Men with dry hair can either shower only 3 times a week or rinse with plain waiter, and that is enough to have attractive hair!

Physique: After 29 years of age, one’s physique will not have the youthful exuberance as before. Injuries will be more difficult to recover from and various back and spinal problems may arise. Thus, regular exercise and balanced diet are a must to maintain health and fitness levels, and stay attractive in all ages!

Text by Jayan Subba Manandhar | Model: Yograj Pandey | Photo: Kamal Shrestha


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