Monsoon Dressing Ideas from Namuna College BFDM Students

Monsoon dressing blends functionality and style by carefully selecting fabrics, footwear, and accessories that ensure comfort and protection while allowing personal expression. Namuna College of Fashion Technology’s 19th batch students, guided by Rojin Shakya in a 10-day workshop, present ten design sketches and write-ups that showcase their creative approach to monsoon fashion.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Namuna College BFDM Students

Monsoon Fashion Design by Namuna College BFDM Students

Monsoon dressing is all about balancing functionality and style. It involves thoughtful choices in fabrics, footwear, and accessories to ensure comfort and protection from the elements while allowing personal style to shine through. As the monsoon season brings refreshing rains and lush greenery, it’s the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe with styles that are both functional and fashionable.

Following are some tips and tricks for fashion conscious ladies regarding monsoon fashion as imagined by the student designers of Namuna College of Fashion Technology. The student designers are the 19th batch students pursuing their studies at seventh semester in the college under Bachelors in fashion designing and management, BFDM.

The presented are the best of ten design sketches and write-ups based on the theme of monsoon-dressing, as the result of 10 days’ workshop under fashion journalism conducted by media person and fashion choreographer Rojin Shakya.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Ayush Dhakal

By Ayush Dhakal
This outfit encapsulates the essence of the monsoon season, drawing inspiration from Dior’s Resort 2000 collection, known for its unique and timeless designs. The silhouette features a white tank top beneath a Mughal motif-printed jacket, paired with high-waisted white shorts.

The ensemble is complemented by a Dior saddle bag and an umbrella. For footwear, waterproof runner’s shoes are chosen for their comfort and suitability for the rainy weather. The lightweight fabric ensures both comfort and a stylish appearance.

This look is ideal for individuals ranging from late teens to early 40s. Makeup should be minimal, with a natural-looking complexion and hair subtly swept to the side.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Ayushi Thapa

By Ayushi Thapa
This monsoon-themed outfit seamlessly blends style and practicality, perfect for the rainy season. The ensemble features a green top and blue short, capturing the vibrant colors of nature during the monsoon. The green top represents the lush greenery flourishing in the rain, while the blue shorts evoke the clean, refreshing feel brought by the season.

To enhance functionality and protect against the rain, a transparent raincoat is included. This raincoat keeps the wearer dry while allowing the vivid colors of the outfit to remain visible, adding a modern, chic touch. The look is completed with comfortable, transparent slippers, featuring adjustable straps for a secure fit.

Targeted towards young girls aged 18 to 25 who favor chic fashion, the green top and blue shorts are crafted from cotton fabric, ensuring both comfort and style. The transparent raincoat not only offers rain protection but also maintains the elegance and sophistication of the outfit. Makeup is kept minimal, with a suggested ponytail hairstyle to complement the look.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Bisakha Prasai

By Bisakha Prasai
This streetwear monsoon fashion ensemble is inspired by the edgy vibe of rain-soaked city streets. Drawing from the vibrant street culture and eclectic style of urban dwellers, the outfit embodies confidence and a fearless approach to fashion, perfect for individuals of all ages who embrace urban street culture and express their individuality through bold style choices.

The relaxed silhouette complements various body types, while the bold color palette suits a range of complexions from fair to deep tones.

The ensemble features oversized and layered pieces that exude urban coolness which includes a pleated top paired with shorts, topped with a long waterproof denim jacket, creating a modern streetwear aesthetic. The ensemble uses durable, weather-resistant fabrics like denim, nylon, and water-repellent polyester.

Makeup is suggested to be minimal, focusing on glowing skin, bold brows, and a matte finish to withstand humidity.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Dikshya Pandey

By Dikshya Pandey
Inspired by the vibrant charm of Plumeria, known for its striking colors and delicate fragrance, the designer has crafted this ensemble as a celebration of elegance and practicality.

The color palette features bright pinks, yellows, and whites, reminiscent of Plumeria blooms, all incorporated into a one-piece dress with matching footwear. Lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying fabrics such as cotton, linen, satin, polyester, and crape ensure comfort and ease.

The dress showcases an A-line silhouette, adorned with a flower embellishment at the waistline and crystals hanging from the hemline to represent raindrops. This design is a perfect match for inverted triangle and rectangle body types.

Natural makeup with waterproof mascara, a hint of blush, and Plumeria pink lip tint enhances the look, while Plumeria-themed hair clips add a charming finishing touch.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Jyoti Shahi

By Jyoti Shahi
The silhouette of this dress is designed to flatter and flow, featuring an off-shoulder neckline and tiered ruffles that gracefully drape over the body. The choice of lightweight, water-resistant fabric ensures comfort and practicality, making it ideal for the monsoon’s varying moods.

A palette of soft pinks and coral dominates the outfit, reflecting the gentle hues associated with monsoon blossoms. Delicate bows and ties provide intricate details that enhance the overall aesthetic. The asymmetrical hemline, adorned with playful ruffles, adds a whimsical flair, ensuring the wearer stands out with effortless grace.

An essential accessory that completes this monsoon ensemble is a beautiful floral-printed umbrella. The vibrant floral pattern on the umbrella complements the dress, creating a cohesive and enchanting look that is both functional and stylish.

The makeup is suggested to be natural and dewy, with a hint of rosy blush and soft pink lips, perfectly aligning with the outfit’s color scheme. Hair is styled in loose waves, exuding a carefree and romantic vibe. Accessories include a vibrant red clutch and stylish nude sandals with a slight heel, adding a practical and elegant touch to the ensemble.

This design is crafted for women of all ages, flattering for hourglass and pear-shaped body types, with ruffles and a fitted bodice that accentuate the waist and curves.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Lalita Tamang

By Lalita Tamang
The outfit features a transparent, knee-length raincoat with brown leather trims, blending practicality with high fashion. This design is inspired by the need for stylish yet functional outerwear during the rainy season.

The raincoat is made of clear PVC, complemented by leather details that enhance both durability and aesthetic appeal. The color palette embraces neutral browns and whites, with a striking pop of brown in the footwear for an unexpected yet cohesive touch.

The ensemble is minimal in embellishments, focusing on the interplay of textures and materials. The look is meticulously curated, with the model carrying a white handbag that harmonizes with the outfit’s overall tones.

The hair is styled straight and of medium length, falling just past the shoulders, emphasizing a clean and modern aesthetic. Accessories are kept simple to maintain the focus on the practical yet chic raincoat.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Nishant Chapagain

By Nishant Chapagain
The theme of this dress is “Dark Clouds and Blooming Flowers,” inspired by the monsoon season. The fabric choices play a crucial role in conveying this theme. Soft, flowy cotton fabric represents the delicate flowers that bloom due to the rain. The color palette transitions from deep, dark hues to vibrant, uplifting tones, mirroring the transformation brought by the monsoon.

The silhouette is flowy and comfortable, paired with lace sandals that offer both style and comfort. A large leather belt cinches the waist, adding depth and a glamorous touch to the dress. This versatile dress flatters various body types and age groups, making it a perfect fit for everyone.

A short-layered pixie haircut adds a modern and chic edge to the overall look, complemented by sophisticated makeup. The dress symbolizes resilience and renewal, while the hair and makeup represent personal strength and confidence. Overall, the dress tells a story of enduring darkness and finding beauty.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Pereena Gurung

By Pereena Gurung
The ensemble is a chic combination of a cropped top and a thigh-length pencil skirt, designed to create a fashionable and cohesive look. Both pieces feature a check print in various shades of blue, adding a classic yet contemporary touch. This choice of pattern and color not only brings visual interest but also exudes a timeless appeal.

Layered over the two-piece set is a transparent raincoat, which serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose. The raincoat allows the check print of the garments underneath to remain visible, ensuring that the outfit’s style is not obscured by the protective layer.

The design caters to teens and women in their 30s, offering a versatile look that suits various age groups. The silhouette of the pencil skirt paired with the cropped top is flattering, emphasizing the wearer’s figure while maintaining a sense of sophistication.

For footwear, the outfit includes waterproof boots in matching shades of blue, ensuring the wearer’s feet remain dry while complementing the overall color scheme of the ensemble. The blue hues of the outfit are chosen to be universally flattering, enhancing all complexions.

Adding a pop of contrast to the outfit is a pink umbrella. This vibrant accessory not only provides functionality but also adds a striking visual contrast to the blue ensemble.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Rashmita Shakya

By Rashmita Shakya
The dress draws inspiration from the vibrant Cassia fistula flowers and the delicate Autumn Zephyr lily. The upper part of the dress features a sleeveless halter top in French blue, representing the serene and refreshing monsoon rain. Made from cotton Lycra, this top ensures a comfortable fit that beautifully complements the body’s contours.

Adding a stylish layer, the dress is paired with a transparent coat made from thermoplastic polyurethane fabric, featuring bishop sleeves. This coat is embellished with a delicate design inspired by Cassia fistula flowers, adding an elegant touch.

The skirt boasts a flowing A-line silhouette in Cambridge blue and celadon colors, reflecting the lush greenery of the monsoon. Crafted from chiffon, the skirt offers a lightweight and graceful drape, adorned with prints of Autumn Zephyr lily flowers.

This ensemble flatters hourglass and rectangle body shapes and complements every skin tone. To enhance the look, winged eyeliner is recommended, along with bouncy, wavy curls. A bold red lipstick adds a classic and elegant touch, completing the sophisticated appearance.

Monsoon Fashion Design by Sanskriti Upadhyaya

By Sanskriti Upadhyaya
This monsoon dress captures the spirit of nature’s rebirth and celebrates the essence of bloom, inspired by the delicate yet resilient beauty of jasmine flowers. Designed specifically for women with fair complexions and inverted triangle body shapes, it is perfect for young ladies in their teens to late twenties.

The ensemble features a one-piece cotton dress in a rich forest green hue. The tailored bodice emphasizes the waist, providing both comfort and freedom of movement, while the flowing flare skirt highlights the inverted triangle silhouette beautifully.

To enhance the enchanting allure of the forest green dress, a white see-through inner piece is adorned with jasmine flower embroidery, adding a layer of ethereal elegance. The translucent fabric evokes the dreamy atmosphere of raindrops glistening on petals.

Black boots with transparent foot coverings complement the see-through and forest green elements, creating a harmonious look that perfectly captures the monsoon bloom. The makeup is kept minimal, embodying a no-makeup, makeup look that highlights natural features and inner radiance.


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