Fashion of Nerdy Glasses

Fashion changes with seasons. A hot trend can suddenly be outdated, while an outdated one can become the next big thing, Fashion evolves.

Model Anisha ShresthaThe Nerdy Glass was the entire craze in town during the decade of the 90s. It was popular among the youth and even 40 year olds. These glasses do not have power, but look like a prescribed eyewear. It comes in various shapes, attractive designs and colors. Among many colors ranging from brown, red, white, blue, cream, maroon and more, black is the favorite among buyers. Black is never outdated. Nerdy glass can pull off any look ranging from denim and tops, coat and pant, kurta-suruwal, and even saris! It is applicable from casual to formal wears, and helps portray a smart look.

Model Anisha ShresthaAnisha-Shrestha-Model-1Men has not been immune either from the craze of Nerdy glass. Men can use such glasses to match with their different colored t-shirts. Youth who are highly influenced by Korean fashion feel incomplete without accessorizing their looks by Nerdy glass. These glasses can be seen in various fashion adverts, photography and music videos. Fashion lovers use Nerdy glass to change their looks, like changing hair styles. A major charm of these glasses is that they are fashionable in summer or winter, morning or evenings! It also takes care of one’s eyes from dust, dirt or cold. Nerdy glass craze has increased among the youth. It helps them look stylish and unique. Sometimes it also gives out a “studious” vibe.

It is, however, very important to avoid cheap and harmful Nerdy glasses. It is alright to be interested in fashion and be fashionable, but it is more important to be careful and aware in using the right quality products, to stay safe and healthy.
Text: Jayan Subba Manandhar
Model: Anisha Shrestha
Photo: Kamal Shrestha

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