Beauty helper, the BAKING SODA

beauty-skinLooking beautiful has always been the top priority desire of almost all of the women, no matter what the age group, social class or the complexion they have. To fulfill this desire millions and billions have been found invested in the beauty and cosmetic products. But there is been something that is been not known to many people that Baking soda have that power and capacity to trannsform your beauty life and possibly your skin and of course the your beauty budget as well. In that regard it can replace many of the beauty masks and beautifully been packaged costly beauty products as well.

Its just about mixing baking soda and water till it forms the paste. Then its to rub gently on the skin in a circular motion and rinse away. You can feel the difference , the skin being felt tight, pores being visible to smaller and skin gets to have the baby skin feel. That means the baking soda works as the magic being the exfoliator.
baking-sodaInstead of scrubbing to exfoliate. The paste been made out by mixing the baking soda and water can be used as a mask. Its just waiting for 10 minutes after applying it on your face as the mask. Baking soda will draw out impurities, and even helps remove blackheads. Using once a week will make the skin to shine as it never did before.

The magic of baking powder not only works on the skin face but also works on the teeth to make them shine like diamonds. Its all about whitening your tooth. Your damp toothbrush can directly be dipped into the powder or may be used by sprinkling powder on top of your regular toothpaste. Brush your teeth, see the difference , stains moves away leaving your white teeth as never been earlier.

Great nails and healthy cuticles, you can have them with the help baking soda. For the thorough cleaning of the nails, rubbing the nails using the brush dipped in baking soda will work on. Its natural antibacterial properties will also work as the treatment against nail fungus. You need to apply a baking soda and water paste, then leave on for ten minutes twice per day until the fungus say bye bye.

It’s not a joke but its hundred percent reality that baking soda can also be used as a deodorant. It’s because it has the ability to absorb oil, smells, cleanse and also to fight against the bacteria.


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