Models with Three Breasts Walked on the Runway at Milan Fashion Week

Among many of the bizarre fashion statements, the latest one to make news are the three-breasted models walking the runway at Milan Fashion Week. Italian streetwear brand God Can’t Destroy Streetwear (GCDS) sent two of its models wearing a prosthetic third breast, which can be clearly seen under their cropped sports bra.

GCDS’ creative director Giuliano Calza told Women’s Wear Daily in an interview that the collection was very “dystopian” and was inspired by the idea of a future where computers no longer have to exist, so society has to look back and relearn how to do things without them.

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He further said, “We are a young group here, we are all under 30 and I wanted to talk to people our age about the future and get them thinking about plastics, water shortage, and the environment. Full sustainability is impossible, and I wanted this show to be a wake-up call.”

The idea of the models having three-breasts also had a personal denotation for Calza. “Two years ago my mum had breast cancer and it was such a wake-up call of what’s future gonna be about? So I put all my strength into offering an imaginary world where I could express my self”.

The idea was reminiscent of a character of Total Recall as Calza added, “Three breasts are not only a ‘Total Recall‘ homage but also a political statement, in a moment where culture and art need more feeding than ever, three breast might be useful.” – indianexpress

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