रातो राम्रो, गुलियो मिठो! Red, Never goes out of Fashion

For Hindu women, the color red is of great significance. It is considered lucky and auspicious especially for married women who beautify themselves with ‘sindur,’ red bangles, ‘potey’, ‘tika’ and sari. Red, is popular not only among married women but also among those…

A popular and old Nepali proverb goes, “रातो राम्रो, गुलियो मिठो!” For Hindu women, the color red is of great significance. It is considered lucky and auspicious especially for married women who beautify themselves with ‘sindur,’ red bangles, ‘potey’, ‘tika’ and sari. Red, is popular not only among married women but also among those who have not yet tied the matrimonial knot. “Red fashion” is loved by the youth because it is not limited to saris and kurtas, but is a color worn in skirts, gowns, ‘lehenga-choli’, one-piece dresses, tops and shirts, t-shirts and many more. Red, signifies boldness, and is also the color of love as one can see during Valentine’s Day!
Nepali Celebrities in Red Outfits PhotoRed is a global fashion phenomenon. It is not just wardrobe fashion, but is also applicable on accessories such as belt, shoes, hats and bags. Red is also a beloved color in cosmetics and beauty products. It can make a person the centre of attraction. It suits almost all skin and body types. This color is popular among women, and men are also not immune from it. The love for red has been passed down from generations. It is almost traditional with its significance being highlighted in various festivals and occasions. So, when it comes to Teej, red is definitely a central color. Let us hear what our beautiful celebrities have to say regarding the color red and Teej:

Shivanee Thapa (News reader NTV) Shivanee Thapa (News reader NTV)
The color red, symbolizes courage, power, authority and all emotions of strength. Although the color stands in stark contradiction to my personality, it never fails to usher in me a sense of calm, confidence and composure. Red is my favourite colour. Be it a garment, accessory or anything else, red would unfailingly be my first choice. The color Red has different meanings based on cultures. In Nepal, especially for Hindus, the color holds a great significance. Be it Dasain, Tihar, or Teej, the color red brings life to our bright celebrations. I feel it also intensifies the essence of bonding. As a woman, the color and its significance, makes me feel special. So when in doubt or down, for me it’s definitely red!

Singer Devika BandanaDevika Bandana (Singer)
Red symbolizes love. And it is a very important color for married women. Red is used in almost all festivals and occasions. It is also one of my favourite colors. My husband compliments me every time I wear red. I think, without this color, my life would be quite bland!

Actress Karishma ManandharKarishma Manandhar (Actress)
Red is my favourite color. Wherever, and whenever I see red dresses, I absolutely need to buy them! I am so crazy about this color that you could say I have an impressive collection of red dresses. I like to wear red dresses, saris and gowns. Red, for me, is also the color of a winner. Not only me, but I think many women love this color. And during Teej, I find women to look very beautiful in red!

RJ Kala SubbaKala Subba (R.J./ Choreographer)
The color red is a color of winners. It also symbolizes love. When I see the color red, I feel happy and energized. Red suits me, and most of my wardrobe is red too. I think red makes a person look bold. During events, I love to wear red dresses, and match them with red shoes and lipstick!

Poonam Chhetri Gautam Fashion DesignerPoonam Chettri Gautam (Fashion designer / Film producer)
Except for special occasions, festivals, visiting temples, doing puja, and family gatherings I don’t wear red often. However, I appreciate the way it beautifies other women. I don’t think other colors can make women look more beautiful or brighter than the color red. I will be wearing red this time for Teej though, and all its celebrations. I intend to enjoy to the fullest!

Deepa Shree Niraula Comedy ActressDeepashree Niraula (Artist)
As the Nepali saying goes, “If nice is to red, delicious is to sweets!” I absolutely love red color! My favorite attire is a red sari. During stage programs, I prefer to wear red or colorful saris. Red sari and red tika, is a perfect match, and red will never go out of fashion. When I see women in red, and adorned in red, green and yellow bangles and ‘potey’, happily dancing and celebrating Teej, I feel content and happy. Teej, I believe, is synonymous to red. It is such an important occasion!

Ashishma Nakarmi ActressAashishma Nakarmi (Actress)
Red is an auspicious color, and also symbolizes love. During Teej, women adorned in red look beautiful! Personally, however, red is not my favorite color. I only wear it when it is mandatory; otherwise i prefer other bright colors. Although i wear it less often, i do appreciate the color red in others!”

By Jayan Subba Manandhar


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