Watersprite 2015 Film of the Year – Kafal Pakyo (Nepal)

Director Niranjan Raj Bhetwal’s won the ‘Film of the Year’ award at the ‘ Watersprite: The Cambridge International Student Film Festival’ in England. The film also won the prize in the ‘Best Fiction Film’ category.

Kafal  PakyoThe short film is 16 minutes and 25 seconds long. It shows the story of a family from a remote hilly region who separate during the time of the civil war.

The three-day festival, which concluded on March 8, saw more than 600 entries. But only 30 films were selected to be screened. Bhetwal says these awards make him feel more motivated toward his work. The festival is an annual event organized with film students in mind. Bhetwal was representing Oscar International College, Kathmandu, at the festival. The film was made while he was still a student at the college.

‘Kafal Pakyo’ premiered at the Eka Deshma film festival in Kathmandu. It has since then been selected for festivals in Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy, The Dominican Republic, Colombia, and America.

Winners of Watersprite 2015 Awards:
Film of the Year – Kafal Pakyo (Nepal)
Acting – Mouth Shut (Spain)
Animation – Chasing Clouds (Belgium)
Cinematography – Lekcja (Poland)
Directing – Mi Ojo Derecho (Spain)
Documentary – Eighteenth Birthday (Poland)
Editing – Horseface (Spain)
Fiction – Kafal Pakyo (Nepal)
OFM – The Present (Germany)
Production Design – My Stuffed Granny (UK)
Screenwriting – Stockholm (Spain)
Sound – Horseface (Spain)


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