Sterilize and Use by Sabina Sapkota

Fashion designers are the creators of new fashion line and they do bear social responsibility by creating awareness through their designing skills. Here we bring imagination, creativity and designing skills of the fashion designers. – By Rojin Shakya

Sterilize and Use by Sabin Sapkota

Sterilize and Use by Sabin Sapkota

In this creative dress the designer has tried to include the utensils and materials which are used in operation theater room. The design is an outfit containing floor length sleeveless gown. The basic shape of a dress from above knee length is mainly influenced by syringe shape. The texture and the handle of the syringe are used in front part of the dress. The lower portion is made by the rubber sheet which is used in operation theater room. Scissor shape design is in back part of the dress and value is been added with the help of strips. The vein pipe is also used to decorate the outfit both in front and back side. A head cap is also been used to enhance the dress.


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