IEC Designer’s Runway 8, Grand Showcase of Fashion & Style

52 graduating designers of IEC College of Art & Fashion, A proud recipient of the International gold award (USA) for Quality Education and TQM in the year 2003 and Asian Top Fashion Organization of the Year at Fashion Asia Awards 2016; their effort, imagination and creativity delivered through 14 various sequences, beautifully been showcased, by gorgeous female and handsome models as directed by Choreographer Prashant Tamrakar.

The non-stop scene of style, glamour, elegance, sophistication all were witnessed in grand fashion showcase presented at Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu.

The 8th season of IEC Designer’s Runway kicked off with the collection presented by team of Anil Pradhan, Aarzoo Pradhan, Sabbu Shrestha and Parikshya Baniya. Their creativity was delivered through the collection entitled as sovereign: her highness.

This collection revealed the dresses inspired from consorts of royal families and specially those Queens who actually ruled their countries. Modern silhouettes, imperial embroideries were the highlights of the collection. The shades of pink, grey, golden and red were dominant in the scene.

The second sequence delivered the collection based on mixed metals where the dresses were presented in the colors of various metals and their metallic shine. The effort put on by the team of Shrijana Basnet , Sarina Gurung and  Kalpana Kumal had the hues of Yellow color as the major element.

The presentation showcased by the team of Sandesha Singh Basnet, Binita Shrestha, Binita Baral and Jyoti Sunuwar was named as beyond the sphere. The collection was inspired by the various elements of the Universe specially the sparkling and illuminating galactic bodies. The shiny sparkling effect presented through embroidery of colorful sequins was the key element in the dresses showcased in this sequence.

The forth presentation of the show was a unique blend of two different fabrics; Dhaka from our culture and Denim from French origin. The High street fashion styles accompanied by kirati jewelry and ornaments was been highlight of this showcase. The collection was been presented by the team of Asmita Sunuwa, Apekshya Ghising, Upasna Rai, Rojina Magar, Aakriti Shiwa.

The power of vibrant colors came into action from the collection showcased by the team of Laxmi Prasad Limbu, Durga Timalsina, Sarmila Shrestha and Sarita Kumari Lama. The collection revealed the story of enthusiasm, energy, excitement and fun.

The dresses inspired from Disney world came lively when fresh and contemporary collection walked through the runway and where audience got mesmerized to witness Disney life presented in colors like blue, green, peach, orange, lavender etc. This collection was been showcased by the team of Sony Shahi, Purnima Bista, Nirjana Maharjan and Mandipa Thapa.

The shades of color blue ruled the runway through the collection presented by the team of Isha Bista, Prabha Nakarmi, Reema Shahi and Urmila Khatri. The collection unfolded the story of feminist part of the horizon and the celebration of equality, intelligence, power and wisdom of the fearless modern women.  

Efflorescence appeared on the stage with collection showcased by the team of Sapana Khatri, Jasmine Shrestha, Sabee Dangol and Smriti Shakya. Inspired from the blooming flowers around the world, the collection had Indian bridal wear that told the story of ethnic India draped in beautiful fabrics and embroideries.

The team of Rupa Katuwal, Mamta Dhimal and Rachana Shrestha came up with the collection inspired from Scarlet Macaw. The collection saw the ensemble of colors and happiness together to create an aura of joyfulness and high spirits.

The trio of Minal Agarwal, Binita Bhatta and Deepa Malla delivered their treat of designing skills through the collection named Trompe l’oeil which revealed a high street fashion combined in vivid cheerful colors with the essence of modern art. The simplicity with complexity in the collection was played in the colors like white, orange, green, pink and yellow.

The collection played in the colors like white, lavender, aqua blue, olive green; named as Maven of Sensuality entered on the runway showcasing the dresses embraced through opulent fabrics, texture, embellishments, trims & accessories.  The collection had the efforts put on by the team of Tenzin Zomkyi Lama, Tejmaya Pun and Subi Manandhar.

The team of Pemba Sherpa, Sagar Budha Magar, Nisha Rai and Mamta Surya Magar came up of with the collection named as Nouvelle femme meaning new women. The dresses all came with white, off white and golden color with silhouettes to define the bold, confident, alluring and independent personality of the modern day women.

The collection named Noire beauty presented by Puja Dhakal, Samikshya Manandhar and Pratibha Bhatt had black as the major color. The collection explored the journey to identify the immense power, energy and beauty of black accentuated with the use of shiny and lustrous embroidery to create an ensemble of eccentric and elegant dresses.  

The final showcase of the event was based on the theme called the power of expression where the colors like off white, nude, cream brown and black were been played. The collection presented by the team of Shweta Karmacharya, Samina Tamot, Madhu Gubhaju and Susiddha Tamrakar conveyed the message that women are not only soft, timid and emotional but they are also tough, bold, confident and versatile. 

The fashionable journey of IEC designer’s runway 8 not only incorporated the professional runway models but also had the special appearances of the noticed figures. Former Miss Nepal Asmi Shrestha and Nikita Chandak, Miss Grand Nepal 2018 Urussa Joshi, Model Hunt Nepal 2018 Aditi Adhikari, Mister Model of the world 2018 Dikpal Karki were some of them.

written By Rojin Shakya, recipient of best entrepreneur in multi task personality of the year award 2018 at International Prestige Brand awards


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