5 Acne Foundations for Sensitive Skin

Having a sensitive and acne prone skin is a hassle, no matter how you look at it. You can get acne in the most embarrassing of places – areas you didn’t even know it was possible. If your skin is also sensitive, then that makes it even worse.

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Using the wrong makeup products, such as foundation or powder, will make things go downhill because your skin will retaliate and throw a bunch of breakouts at you. So what is the best foundation for acne that will keep your skin under control? Read on to find out!

The DON’Ts of Choosing Foundations for Acne
Every time, we read about the DO’s of choosing makeup, without actually talking about the DON’Ts. Yes, a foundation for sensitive skin should be water-based and should have the right amount of oils. But what should we steer clear of? Well, here is what you should avoid:

• Stay Away from Foundations that Contain Alcohol
Makeup with alcohol in its formula will have “SD” or “denatured alcohol” in the ingredients list. While this should be avoided for all skin types, it’s especially tricky for acne-prone skin. Alcohol can trigger the production of oil on your skin, which in turn will lead to breakouts. Not to mention that alcohol is harsh on your skin, making things even worse if you’re on the sensitive side.

• Thick Foundations
Think about it: clogged pores lead to toxin accumulation – which causes acne breakouts. So what do you think will happen if you cover everything with a thick layer of foundation that won’t allow your skin to breathe? While it may be tempting to use the thickest foundations and concealers to cover your blemishes, it would be better if you find some formulas that will let your skin breathe. Fortunately, there are a lot of those going around today.

Top Choices for Flawless Skin
You do not have to sacrifice your skin to cover your blemishes. There are many high-quality foundations for acne-prone skin that will prevent any negative reactions that will further aggravate your symptoms.

CLINIQUE Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

If you’re tired of having a continuous blemish-riddled face, then this foundation should be in your makeup kit. Combined with the right cleanser and moisturizer, this will provide you with that perfect stylish look you are looking for.

This foundation doesn’t just cover your acne. It eliminates it completely. Having a skin friendly formula without alcohol and harsh chemicals, it heals the complexion rather than hiding the problem.

The effect of this foundation is long-lasting. So even if you are out the entire day, you won’t have episodes of oily skin like you would with other foundations.

The coverage is full and natural, and it will let your pores breathe rather than clog them. Once you’ve tried this one, you won’t go back to the other foundations you can find in most stores.

MAKE UP FOR EVER High Definition Foundation

The label of this product says “Invisible Coverage.” So, it’s not only invisible on the outside, but you can also barely feel it on your face. The texture is so light that your skin will be able to breathe nicely, and your pores won’t be clogged.

Even though the formula is light, that doesn’t mean the coverage isn’t perfect. After all, it’s supposed to make you look great on camera: HD, without any blemishes. It doesn’t have any oils or alcohol in it.

Your face won’t look too shiny, nor will it look too matte. It will be natural, with the perfect shine and sparkle that will make your skin look alive. This HD foundation will provide a long-lasting coverage that will get you through the entire day.


Beauty editors love this foundation due to its natural shine, even coverage and the cooling effect that it has on the complexion. It’s a soft liquid foundation that will feel comfortable on the skin, without clogging your pores.

This product was created to suit every skin type, offering a finish that doesn’t look cakey. However, the ones with oily skin will reap most of the benefits. It has a breathing effect that will let your acne heal instead of just hiding it.

This product looks particularly good when photographed. It offers that matte and natural look, without being too visible. So, if you like taking lots of selfies, this foundation will definitely be your best friend for that.

GUERLAIN Lingerie de Peau Foundation

If you want to get that flawless look, then this foundation is the perfect ally. If you have oily skin, this will help in covering the spots and blemishes. It will also offer you that matte finish you have been dreaming of.

The formula of this foundation is quite innovative, combining linen and silk fiber. This combo should provide a natural healing shine that doesn’t clog the skin. At the same time, it has a calming effect on the redness.

The ingredients are so skin-friendly that it can even be left overnight on your face – although we wouldn’t recommend that. It heals, calms the blemishes and provides long-lasting coverage for a perfect look.

NEUTROGENA Visibly Clear Correct and Perfect CC Cream

If you are looking for some extra moisture, then you might want to give this Neutrogena CC cream a try. If you have a sensitive, dry skin that is also prone to acne, then this might provide you that soothing effect you need. With this product, your skin will get back to its youthful glow.

It penetrates the skin, nourishes and diminishes red marks and acne. At the same time, it treats your flaws while also covering them. It has some salicylic acid in its composition to aid in the healing. Still, you may want to reconsider this if you are already undergoing medical treatment for your skin problems.

Overall, it has a moisture-rich formula that will cover, hydrate, and heal your skin. Each of these products will help you get a perfect look, even though your complexion is sensitive and prone to imperfections. Plus, these foundations will do more than just cover your breakouts. In time, they will heal the skin and will offer you that natural finish you’ve been looking for.

– Written by Hannah George / fixyourskin.com


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