Fashion statement back to school days

fashion-photoMight it be the dictation of English or the equation of Math or even the translation of Nepali. The memories of school days make most of us feel good. Though literally we cannot go back to rejoin the school life but through fashion once again living the school life is being somehow possible. The new style out in the fashion market seems to have such kind of influence and the inspiration. Pencil sized clutch, box pleated skirt and bag packs bringing the memories of school bags are some of the styles these days mostly seen in the wardrobe of fashionable girls.

school-style-fashion-skirtsThe silhouettes, colors and the prints very popular in the school uniforms can be experienced in most of the fashionable stuffs these days. In that regard box pleated skirts have just come as the storm in the fashion scene. More to add on to the school days styles, the colors like navy blue, forest green and the maroon along with the checks and stripes are being very popular. Carrying on with school uniform inspired printed pleated skirts with any solid colored shirt or dressing in with printed shirt with tank top could be some style statement taking you back to the school days.

Besides the dresses, the school inspired accessories are also seen drawing the attention. Pencil sized vibrant clutch, school flavored buckled shoes, canvas shoes, school inspired tie and student look giving bag packs may revive the nostalgia of school days but in fashionable and stylish way. According to the fashion experts school day fashion look is very appropriate to cocktail parties, concert, dance parties, hangouts and other casual functions. So, let’s be fashionable in school way.