E-commerce sector in Nepal providing new opportunities for Fashion Industry

Fashion industry is a booming sector that is exploring the vast global markets, thanks to the retail therapy. The changing pattern in buying and making clothes and fashion products is enabling us to experience new dimensions in the fashion market.


Emergence of e-commerce has completely revolutionized the fashion industry in Nepal. Technological innovations allow online buying and selling, thus allowing fashion industry to grow and develop efficiently. E-Commerce in Nepal provides a good future for fashion industry. Various e commerce platforms including Kaymu enables selling and marketing of fashion items intrinsically different for the customers and distributors. There are benefits and opportunities involved for both the buyers and sellers. These e-commerce platforms create a huge impact on the production, marketing and distribution of the products related to the fashion industry.

E-commerce and the future of fashion industry
As the fashion industry is widely adapting the e-commerce strategies in Nepal, we need to see how the trends in the fashion sector are changing. Let’s have a look at how the flourishing fashion industry is opening the gates of development.

Multi-Channel technology:
The growth in m-commerce and online shopping in Nepal has vastly developed to improve the customer experience in shopping. Currently, the shopping attitudes are changing. Customers are now turning to online stores, instead of heading towards department stores. The fashion products, be it clothes, jewellery, or sunglasses are available in a huge variety, colors, sizes and varying number of brands. The 3D images are being created by different marketplaces to provide a worthwhile shopping experience to the customers. The retail transactions have allowed the customers to conveniently access the easier mode of payment. These simpler means of transaction enable the customers to get the products without any hassle.

Personalized shopping:
For customers who are tech-savvy, online marketplaces like NepBay are providing the facility to customize and create their own products. You can buy fashion wear in Nepal from this marketplace at reasonable rates. Many brands make it easier for the customers to design the product and select the texture, colour, size, etc. based on their personal preferences. Apart from customization, many virtual marketplaces offers sales and discount deals to the customers for in-store promotions and marketing.

Selection and decision-making:
Through upgraded technology, the retail stores are now providing quality images to the customers to help in their decision-making when ordering a product online. Product features are provided in detail to give a better idea to the customers. Moreover, by sharing user experiences and customer feedbacks, the fashion industry can reach to new heights. Due to this, the customers are now obtaining more realistic and genuine value of the fashion products.

Shop all at one store:
Online businesses are increasing in Nepal, which is allowing the customers to opt from a variety of options. A number of local and designer seller fashion brands are offering their products online to be viewed by millions of online customers. Instead of looking for different products at different stores, the customers can look for popular fashion items at one marketplace and shop everything from ‘under one roof’.


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