Producer Chhabiraj Ojha says, I won’t marry again

Producer Chhabiraj Ojha has said he will not marry again. During a recent meet, he said he is having same perception about all girls. “A good girl changes soon after marriage. I can’t imagine marrying again,” he said, adding that marrying mean taking unnecessary tensions.

producer chhabiraj ojha

Producer Chhabiraj Ojha | Image source:

On a separate note, he said there are chances of him working with actress Rekha Thapa in the near future. “I establish Rekha as an actress. I will make her work again if story of my film suits her.”

The producer, who is spending single life after divorce with Rekha Thapa, is associated with actress Shilpa Pokharel. But, he remarked that his name being dragged with the actress is not a unique matter.

The latest film produced by him ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ is releasing from Chaitra 27. Sabin Shrestha, Shilpa Pokharel and Kishore Khatiwada are in lead roles in the movie.


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