Manoj RC: On the Way of Mastering the Character

While talking about this kind of people we see many perspectives and many scenarios or people to be noticed. Many are appreciated for only their works but some are as well for their proliferation of the instantaneous dynamicity. We can take example of several works done by various personalities.

Already have acted in almost a dozen of Nepali movies, Manoj RC, 33, a Jajarkot born who was raised in Rukum district of western Nepal, is youth actor to be noticed from the very onset of his cinema career in acting. The actor who formally was taking acting from Theatre guru Sunil Pokharel did his debut in a movie named ‘Bir Ganeshman’ where he played the character of Ganga Lal. From the very onset of his acting career he proved to be one of the aspirant actors to have claimed the flag in the cinema industry.

Among some of very few people who are focused on acting rather than the a cult of heroism or the epiphany brought by such heroism, Mr. RC has proved his exceptional talents in his well appreciated movies like C-Mala (The Necklace) and Jhumkee (Ear drop-earings).

In Jhumkee, his recent movie, Mr. RC has played the role of a simple police officer from western Nepal who has been accused of attempt to rape. He goes to Kathmandu to meet a senior officer of police who helped him to get the job, where he finds Debaki, the girl he loves and who had accused him for the attempt to rape is working (appointed approximately 15 days earlier to the day he comes to Kathmandu) there as a maid. In the evening, after the meeting, his character Gokul is advised to come back tomorrow but when he comes back the next day he finds that the senior officer has been murdered. He senses that this must have been a mistake of Debaki as he finds her small money pouch left except nothing. He flees and he gets accused again, on the case of murder. The story continues as Gokul tries to balance his life as a suspended police officer and a lover who tries to protect his beloved. Mr. RC has done an exceptional job as a simple lower level police officer from the Western Nepal.

Apart from this he was also awarded as the best performer on the negative role in a suspense thriller movie named Madhumas. In this movie he portrays a different role, a person who is trying to take revenge for what a man has done to his beloved.

Simply to have evolved no matter how the crowd behaves with one is a great thing to be appreciated. We never look back at these types of actors and we always look forward for what’s there yet to come. As per the case he is one of those aspiring actors who has always been through several phases of evolution. From Bir Ganeshman to Jhumkee we have seen many shades of Manoj Kumar RC, yet we are still looking forward for what’s inside him which is yet to come. We wish our best wishes for his upcoming feature Mithya.
– written by Amit Pokhrel

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