Festival Inspired Dresses by Fashion Design Student

The season of the festival is all in the full swing. The mood of celebration and merry-making is all around. As fashion and festival goes hand in hand, here we present some of the festival-inspired creativity showcases by the fashion designers student of Namuna college of fashion technology. The creative brains behind the presented designers are the 16th graduating batch of the college.


Dress by Anish Siwakoti
This dress has taken inspiration from the Dashain festival and has two parts. The upper part of the dress is a Chaubandi cholo with a close neckline, one side overlapped by the other with eight strings (tuna). The blouse is short-sleeved with finishing at the hem fold with red color. The lower part of the dress is a draped high-waisted long flared high slit skirt. Complementing the blouse the graceful drapes of the lower piece of the dress are well fit and finish with a thigh-high slit. The give the classic look and value to the dress, sustainable bamboo fabric is been used.


Dress by Albina Uprety
This is pant style draping saree accessorized with a detachable belt and readymade pleats. The pant style draping saree is very simple and easy to wear and defines the confidence, independence, and modernity of the woman’s personality. The dress takes inspiration from the graceful elegance of the peacock’s neck having the color of peacock blue played on the chiffon fabric. Peacock blue and red velvet fabric is been used for the blouse and pants. The sleeves are pagoda sleeves layered with bell sleeves and full embellishment is been used at the sleeves. With the use of rich fabric chiffon, the feminine festive look is been created. With the beauty, shine, softness, elegant drape, and shimmering surface of the fabric the festival mood is attained.


Dress by Sandhya Bajgain
This is Peau de Soi Silk green colored Lehenga which is fitting in the upper part and flares at the bottom. The upper bodice consists of a sleeveless cleavage green colored blouse with strings at the mid-section. There is an invisible zipper and hook at the inner part of the skirt to create a dramatic look and to enhance the waistline of the wearer a big buckled belt is been used at the waistline. For further styling, the polka-dotted satin scarf is been used. To give traditional vibes golden Bindi is been used inspired by the clay oil lamp. The accessories like earrings and bangles are also inspired by the same. The prints used in the dress are Rangoli-inspired peacock print and effects of the firecracker, which all complement the mood and flavor of the Tihar festival.


Dress by Ashim Ranabhat
This dress takes the Lhosar festival vibe. This design is inspired by the festival Aura, using “Rimpoche Hat” and “Ghelling” instruments as the main elements for head accessories, fusing the aesthetic of these elements adds up the vibe of Lhosar festival in the outfit. Headgear is inspired by “Pangden”. The colorful and geometrical horizontal patterns strips add a positive mood effect to the dress. The cloud pattern & prints and hand-woven brocade fabric is been used to enhance the beauty of the dress. The dress has eye-captivating puffy half sleeves. Vibrant colors like Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, etc. are been used in this design to express happiness, youthfulness, and energy. The flare is been added to the lower portion of the dress to reflect fun in the outfit.


Dress by Subhekchya Shakya
The design takes inspiration from the Fagu festival and is an asymmetrical fitting with multiple layers providing the room for styling creatively. The fitting has a total of 5 items which come separately and includes: a mesh top, cami, shorts, skirt, and a scarf. The multiple layers are intently considered for more coverage and comfort when one gets soaked in the water on the other hand materials like cotton and nylon are used so it repels most water and doesn’t stick to the skin once wet. The fusion of warm neutrals, red and orange paired with others makes it complement the skin tone of the majority of Nepalese girls. Taking account of the fit, this casual/ trendy silhouette complements to most body shapes including apple or rectangular figures however bottom layer is suggested to be removed for the wearer with a pear-shaped body.


Dress by Shrisha Basnet
The dress is inspired by the Dashain festival and thus the colors red and neon green have been used to reflect Tika and Jamara. The dress is a long flowy dress crafted using a piece of natural silk fabric. The upper bodice of the dress is neon-colored sleeveless choli with a cup at the chest while the lower part of the dress is a red-colored full-length straight skirt. For the design details, front and back waist darts are been used to maintain the fine waist shape of a body. The front neckline is designed as a wrapped V-neck while the back neckline is square-shaped, connected with the shoulder stripes. The dress is also fastened with a zipper at the center back to make it easily wearable. A slit is kept below the thigh across the left side at the front part of the skirt.


Dress by Hema Rana Magar
This is another dress inspired by the colors of Tika and Jamara of the Dashain Festival. The upper bodice of the dress Kurti with a slit made from cotton fabric and has thread work as the embellishment. It is sleeveless and has a sweetheart neckline. The length of Kurti is below the knee. A complementing dupatta made from organza fabric is been used with the highlights of floral print made from screen printing. The lower bodice is a straight cotton salwar with a block print. Dupatta and Salwar are inspired by the color of red tika while Kurti is inspired by the color of Jamara.


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