Egyptian Splendour by Rosa Shrestha

This attire is the combination of Egyptian culture and heritage. The headgear is inspired from the monarchs of ancient Egypt from 3150 BC to 305 BC. In the neck Usekh or wesekh is used as an ornament, a type of broad collar or necklace worn by women and men.


The neck and shoulder is made up of colored stone beads. The bodice part is made up of red raw silk. It is just draped to cover the upper part. The color red signifies the sun. In the waist line belt is used made from golden and red sequins fabric.

The lower part of the attire is inspired from the wings of the dung beetles, scarabs which symbolizes the heavenly cycle of rebirth or regeneration. It is made up of light blue raw silk and the symbol is used as a print on the surface of the skirt. Each symbol has its own meaning and values.


At the back part of the design wings is placed made up of golden satin. It is supported by thin bamboo stick from the opposite part of the fabric. The wings is inspired from the wings of the goddess is of Egypt. The wings have further detailing inspired by Egyptian pyramid and the baslet (goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt the Nile River, Delta region) and goddess of cats, protection, not, dance, music, family and love.

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