Dress To Impress Season 4, Four Designers Topped The Competition

Dress to impress winners

The creative expression related to the fabrics, colors, designs, and details to make exclusive attire came alive when the learners of fashion designing brought their dedication, discipline, devotion, and driving force together. Dress to Impress season 4 impressed the fashion lovers throughout the event with hundred and forty-four fashion aspirants showcasing their talent and skills on the clothes not only through their work on the designs but also through their walk, performance, and presentation skill.

The event was been divided into four different rounds based on four various themes, and accordingly, the participating designers were been teamed. Each segment of the event had a winner, in total four winners. Among them, Inju Tamang was declared as the winner of Virgil Abloh theme while Sunita Khadka was elected as the winner of Denim theme. Likewise, Bibita Pandey bagged the winning trophy for the theme called historical kings and queens of Nepal while Amrita Giri was awarded as the winner for the mountaineering theme.

The event kicked off with a sequence that offered tribute to Virgil Abloh. The designs of this round were mostly the fusion of streetwear and haute couture. The second sequence was been based on Denim fabric and had the dresses mostly been inspired by the streetwear style and party gowns having variations from studs, buttons, eyelets, grunge, frills, etc.

The third sequence was based on the richness, sophistication, and luxury wardrobe styles of Kings and Queens of Nepal from ancient times mostly the Rana and Shah regime. The designs were mostly explored on the fabrics like velvet, silk, brocade, and georgette with the highlights of Dhaka fabric. The ball gown styles, long drapes, and trails were the key statement of most of the dresses.

The final sequence came up with the inspiration of the magnificent beauty of mountaineering and its various aspects. The dresses like bakkhu, down jackets, fur blazers, overcoats, etc. were the major pieces of this sequence and the garments were mostly explored on the fabrics like fur, fleece, taffeta, rubberized brocade.

The event was been organized by IIFT, the school of fashion, and was choreographed by Bipana Thapa. The event was hosted at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi.

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