Binita Gurung Shines at Mrs. Nepal Universe 2023, Takes Home Multiple Awards

Mrs. Nepal Universe 2023 has finally come to an end with the spectacular crowning of the queen, Binita Gurung. She also received awards for Talent, Photogenic, and Best Walk. These awards were a testament to her confidence, personality, performance, talent, intelligence, poise, elegance, and presentation, which were all evaluated throughout the competition.

The court of Binita consisted of the first runner-up, Sunee Singh, and the second runner-up, Saloni Shrestha Bajracharya. Sunee was honored with a public choice and confident award, while Saloni was awarded for her management choice and best personality. Both Sunee and Saloni brought their own unique qualities to the competition and were a strong representation of the beauty and grace that the event stood for.

The event saw many other notable achievements as well. Bhagawati Thapaliya was recognized as the winner of the viewer’s choice and intelligent category, while Sita Maya Thapa Magar received the award for Mrs. Enthusiastic. Merry Rai was awarded as Mrs. Charming, Babita Agrawal as Mrs. Elegant, Anu Karki as Mrs. Innocent and Rupa Mukhiya as Mrs. Discipline. Each of these contestants brought their own special qualities and strengths to the competition, making it a truly diverse and well-rounded event.

The Mrs. Nepal Universe 2023 was organized jointly under the banner of Youhaan international events and Zeeva Incorporated. The event was conceptualized by Shaanu Khan and was brought to life through the talent and hard work of fashion choreographer and media person, Rojin Shakya, who served as the host and choreographer of the event.

The performances of the contestants were judged by fashion choreographer and event director Anup Saksena, media person Shrijana Duwal, Mrs. Heritage International Nepal 2019 Durga Bishural and Woman Entrepreneur Rezina Tuladhar. These judges brought their own expertise and experience to the event, providing valuable insight and guidance throughout the competition.

Mrs. Nepal Universe 2023 was a celebration of beauty, grace, and strength. From the contestants to the organizers and judges, everyone worked together to make this event a truly memorable and exciting experience. Binita Gurung’s crowning as the winner is just the start of her journey as a beauty queen, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


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