Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha secures position at Top 40 in the Miss World 2019

The 69th edition of Miss World pageant is nearing and as per that the competition is heated up. So far according to the format of the competition, the official delegate from Nepal at Miss World 2019, the winner of Miss Nepal World 2019 Anushka Shrestha has achieved a success to position at top 40 in the final combat of the journey towards the most coveted award of Miss World 2019. 23 years of age Anuskha earned the position in the top 40 after she won the second round of head to head challenge event.

What is Head to Head challenge event?
Head to Head Challenge event was been introduced in Miss World 2017 as one of the major part of new format of Miss World pageant. According to the format this year, the total number of 114 delegates was divided into 19 groups, each group having six countries.
The winner of each Challenge Group will automatically qualify for the Miss World Top 40 Round.

1. The 6 Nations in each group made their opening remarks followed by a presentation of themselves. This was a combination of live presentation and pre-recorded VT. The maximum total time for each presentation (including VT) was 2 minutes.
2. After the presentations, the contestants answered questions from the presenter and online community. This process was a part of Group discussion and lasted for approximately 8 minutes.
3. Finally, every contestant answered the question of the day (30 to 45 seconds for each nation to answer)

How was judgment done?
The public was asked to choose the winner of each Group via a free vote.
The presenter opened the vote to the public after the opening presentations.
Voting remained open until the start of the next Challenge event when the winner of the previous Head to Head Challenge was been announced

Miss World 2019 Head to Head challenge was held in nineteen groups and from then on top 20 delegates were been shortlisted one from each group as the winner of the group and one runner-up with most votes. The top 20 of head to head then proceeded to the second leg of the competition. Miss Nepal Anushka was in the group 10 having Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Mexico, Nepal, Poland and Tanzania. From this group Anushka became the winner and entered to second leg of the competition.

watch video: Head to head challenge, Anushka in the group 10 of the competition.

In the second leg competition of Head to Head to challenge event, Anushka Shrestha from Nepal the winner of Group 10 and Princess Megonondo from Indonesia, the winner of Group 9 faced each other. Miss World 2019 Head to Head Challenge final round was held on 10th December 2019 where the Top 20 finalists went against one another to secure their final place in the Top 40. The Head to Head Challenge finals were hosted by the reigning Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon. It was a one-on-one direct contest where each group winner was pitted against another group winner and based on majority voting of the jury, one of the two was selected as the winner to advance to Top 40. At this phase Miss Nepal Anushka defeated Miss Indonesia Princess Megonondo and became one of the top 40 for Miss World 2019.

The top ten from head to head challenge that advanced to top forty of Miss World 2019 included Nepal, Moldova, Venezuela, Nigeria, Mexico, Philippines, Guyana, India, Trinidad & Tobago and Paraguay. Other than being secured at Top 40 of Miss World 2019, Miss Nepal 2019 Anushka Shrestha has also been successful as one of the top 10 for Beauty with a purpose category. This included Nepal, Nigeria, Tunisia, Venezuela, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia and Vietnam. Besides this Anushka is also being ranked in top most position in the voting for Multimedia award.

The grand finale of 69th edition of Miss World pageant is scheduled on December 14th 2019 at Excel London in London, United Kingdom. Anushka Shrestha the official delegate from Nepal at the competition is a Commerce graduate with an experience of working at one of the biggest financial institutions in Australia CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia). She graduated from the Australian Catholic University in Sydney with the Executive Dean’s Commendation in 2017. She has worked within the International Education sector in Sydney as a Finance Officer as well. Anushka stands Five feet five inches and is also the crowned queen as Miss Nepal Oceania 2018. Miss World 2019 has hundred and twelve delegates from different corners of the globe and among them one would be the successor of Miss World 2019 Vanessa Ponce from Mexico.

Watch the introduction video of Miss Nepal World 2019, Anushka Shrestha

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