Success earned at Miss Queen and Mister King of Globe International 2018

More of successful stories continue regarding the participation of Nepalese delegates at various international pageants. Taking aside the question of what category of the pageant is, the participation and registering success at the international scene is a positive and an encouraging achievement. In the same regard the pageant that took place at Dubai form 6th of December till 10th of December 2018, the Nepalese representatives have registered victory in their age category.

Among the participants from Nepal at the event, Biraj Chauhan earned the best dress award and was victorious as Master King of Globe International 2018. Likewise, Gardishma Malla scored victory as Little Miss Queen of Globe International 2018.

Both the participants from Nepal competed at children age category of the event. Earlier in the domestic scene they were the winners of Super Kid International 2018 organized by Morning Glory Entertainment.

Similarly, Aashma Dulal from Nepal who competed in teenage category of the event was successful to be crowned as Miss Teen queen of Globe International 2018. The 12th graded student at Saipal Academy, Aashma was earlier been awarded as first runner-up at Miss and Mister +2 Star organized by Pariwartan event house Pvt. Ltd.


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