Interview with Nepal’s College Diva of the Year 2015, Sajum Katuwal

‘I feel that colleges should more focus on practical oriented education rather than just imparting theoretical knowledge’, Sajum Katuwal, Nepal’s College Diva of the Year 2015.

– by Rojin Shakya

sajum katuwalSajum Katuwal is first season winner of Nepal’s College Diva of the year 2015 held on 26th of March 2015 organized by Ribbon Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and been presented at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal. 19 years young lady resides at Kirtipur, stands five feet four inches. She is passionate about modeling and that is why she looks forward to be a super model. Besides being a beauty pageant winner, she is been featured in the advertisement of Shikhar shoes. A plus two level student at Platinum Management College, Sajum is brown in color by complexion and is Aquarius by Zodiac sign.

Sajum defines:
Personal quote: I believe that time waits for no one. So, we should always be punctual, this only can bring a change and improvement. Every day is a new day with challenges. So, we should accept it. Dream high so that you can make it true.

Herself: A girl who believes in simple living and high thinking. For me life is beautiful. It is always challenging and I love taking challenges. I always want to do something extra which influenced me to undergo airhostess training. Flying high is my passion.

New Year resolution for 2072: To contribute in social work and establish myself in the field of modeling.

Being fashionable: An art of performing in such a manner which makes a person look good and attractive in the eyes of others. It is being comfortable in what you put on.

Being youth of today: It is being sociable, being futuristic & independent.

Being Beautiful: ‘Regarding the word beautiful I am bit confused… a question arise in my mind that whether the happy person is beautiful or a beautiful person is the happiest one….. And I believe that the happiest person is most beautiful on themselves… helping others brings smile on my face and when anyone smiles that makes the person look beautiful.’

sajum katuwalHow would you define Nepal’s College Diva of the year 2015?
It was a challenge to develop myself to achieve my goal of becoming a super model. It is a platform for me to show the world that I can do a lot than they have expected. And it’s an opportunity to gain experiences which are going to be beneficial for me in near future.

What major changes have you experience within yourself after you took part in this competition and after being the winner?
After taking part and becoming the winner, my confidence level has been enhanced. The way I used to deal with problem has changed. Now I feel proud of myself and I believe I can achieve even more in days to come.

What according to you is the biggest challenge a girl youth of your age is facing today and what should be done to overcome or solve it?
In today’s context the major challenge that girl youth of my age is facing is gender inequality and social violence. To overcome this we need to raise awareness, girl child education is to be encouraged and other activities should be done to empower them.

What would like to change about yourself and how would it make you better after the change?
I believe no one on earth is born perfect and as others I am unique on my own way. So, I don’t want to change but of course want make myself even better.

Being a college going student what shortcomings do you find in the education system of Nepal and what would you suggest to improve?
I feel that colleges should more focus on practical oriented education rather than just imparting theoretical knowledge. This way it could aid in the personality development of the students and would make them able to deal with any situation, at least give a try.

One word interaction with Sajum:
Life without Money: struggle
Life without Cell phone: set back
Life without Make-up: a real person
One word that defines you the most: optimistic
One word that makes you feels good: family
One word you would probably never use: impossible


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