Enchanting Italy by Sushmi Shrestha

The creative reflection is a representation of very famous element on Italian culture, rich in art, music, fashion, iconic food and also it includes classical roman Renaissance Braque and some neoclassical.


Starting from the top part, the head gear is inspired from the roses which symbolize love and romance. It’s a single piece dress and is inspired from the Italian traditional dress of women which consists of white pleated neckline blouse with wide gathered sleeve decorated with laces made out of cotton fabric.

The bodice is inspired by Italian traditional black waist coat in velvet fabric decorated with laces at the neckline and the golden thread at the armhole part. The famous heritage of the country ‘Colosseum’ (also known as the Flavian Amphitheater ) is attached at the bodice part decorated with stones, glitter.

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At the lower part of the dress, there is a belt inspired from the Italian flag divided into three colors green, white and red which represent hope, faith and charity decorated with the colored stone. The white layered flounce skirt is made from white satin that goes around the back with the long flare is inspired from the national flower color ‘White Lily’. Lilies are also used at the back flare and the blue colored pleated skirt is inspired from the national bird ‘Blue Bird’ with the orange brocade fabric attached at the middle part of the skirt.

Enchanting Italy by Sushmi Shrestha

The lower part of the skirt is inspired from the country bridge of ‘Adige River’ in ‘Verona city’ famous for being the setting of Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet” and is decorated with the stones and the ribbons. Accessories are inspired from their traditional jewelry.


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