Beauty queens extending their helping hands to Sunkoshi Victims

Beauty-queens-extending-their-helping-handsGlamour Nepal | Beauty pageants and their winners do face criticism and complains regarding being unable to be useful for the society. Despite this some pageants and their winners stand out proving they do work for social welfare. As per this event Nepalese Fashion Home, the organizer and manager of events like Miss Newa, Princess Nepal, Kid Queen Nepal, Miss Little Newa and Master Star had shown some initiations regarding raising funds for the victims of Sunkoshi river flood and landslide. The social welfare ambassador of Miss newa, Princess nepal and kid queen nepal are conducting various activities to raise fund for Sunkoshi victims.
The winners of social welfare ambassador award of the events organized by Nepalese Fashion Home are jointly set to showcase the Nepali movie Rahadani as a charity show on Tuesday 12th of August 2014 in Kathmandu with a noble cause to raise the fund to support the victims of Sunkoshi. Apart from this Miss newa 1133 Sudina shrestha has organized the rally at pharping raise the fund and was able to Rupees 25 thousand and plus from the rally. On the other hand chief social welfare ambassador of Princess Nepal 2014, Pasang sherpa is giving her high effort to raise the funds whereas Miss newa 1132 Sunita Dangol and Rythm Thapa Magar of Kid Queen Nepal 2014 are been engaged continuous effort to collect the donations from various organization and personalities by selling the tickets of Rahadani movie.

As these beauty queens are giving their effort to support the victims of Sunkoshi. Why not, we and you put some of our effort to make this initiation bring big results. Let’s join hands to revive the hope.

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