Teen Age is freedom to explore, enjoy and experiment- Priyanka Pandey

Teen Age is freedom to explore, enjoy and experiment- Priyanka Pandey
by Rojin Shakya
Priyanka-Pandey-1Priyanka Pandey, 17 years, standing five feet and three inches is the winner of Nepal’s Miss Teen of the year 2014 organized by Ribbon Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Doing Plus two at Everest Florida Higher Secondary School, Priyanka resides at Sinamangal, Kathmandu. With keen interest in the field of modeling, Priyanka do want to be seen in the music videos. She loves dancing as well. She aspires to be a successful social worker and also look forward to be a super model. Cancer by Zodiac sign, this fair lady considers that being friendly to everyone is her plus whereas trusting people easily is been her minus.

Priyanka-Pandey-3Priyanka Defines:
Herself: ‘I am a soft hearted girl & defining my personality I create friendly environment with my friends. Respecting elders and loving young ones is my nature.’

Resolution for year 2015: It would be concentrating on my studies as well as grabbing the opportunity that comes on my way for better career ahead

Winter fashion: For me it is just wearing warm and stylish clothes.

BEING Healthy is a fit body with fit mind.

BEING Teenager: I t is the most important stage of human life where one should be very careful. Blaming parents, feeling of being hero on own, disliking good words and suggestions is what mostly happens with all the teenagers. It is freedom to explore, enjoy and experiment but with safety and being cautious.

How would you recall the moment you were been crowned as Nepal’s Teen of the year 2014?
As talking about that moment I was totally unconscious, feelings of unlimited happiness with tears in my eyes, feeling of being successful for myself and for my parents too. It was the most unforgettable moment of my life till now.

What would you might never have gained or learned if not been the part of this Pageant?
Firstly the experience, the friendly environment, new friends and my mentors like Nishu Jha and Ashwini Jha. I would have never got this opportunity and this moment if I were not been the part and now I have captured and experienced it.

How can your crown be benefited for you and how would you make it benefited to your society?
A new identity is been discovered through this award and I believe would be able to encourage at least the people of my age category to show their confidence, overcome their flaws and explore their strengths.

IPriyanka-Pandey-2f been offered a Nepali movie or a music video what role would you prefer to act and why?
If I was been offered a Nepali movie or a music video, I would prefer to act in a leading role as a successful social worker whose journey starts from her family to society, society to country and country to the world bringing positive changes.

One word interaction with Priyanka
One word to define the moment you were been crowned: Unconscious
One word that defines you the most: Friendly
One word that is never you: Selfish
Window shopping for you is: Eye’s attractions
Visiting Beauty parlor is: Beautification
Early in the cold winter morning having hot coffee would be: Fantastic


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