Summer Fashion Trend

Confused on what to wear this summer? Heading for summer shopping but you haven’t made up your mind on what you should buy?? Well, don’t worry I am going to share the trends/ the must haves for summer 2014 with you all which will help you make up your mind on what you should buy.summer-fashionFirst thing first, radiant orchid is the Pantone color of the year. So, if you see anything you like in this color don’t forget to put it inside your shopping bag and bring it home. Other than radiant orchid, you will also see lots of pastel colors, coral, bubblegum pink, teal, orange and fuchsia. They are very much in this season.summer-fashion-1Hey!! Don’t forget to hit the gym girls because cropped tops is a huge trend this summer and you do not want to show that flabby stomach do you?? So, do some crunches and some sit ups to show off that stomach muscle when you are wearing your cropped tops. Just a little advice though, when you wear crop top, make sure you pair it with other pieces that aren’t as sexy and revealing like with high waisted jeans for casual look or a pencil skirt for polished look. Just make sure you do not show your belly button or show only half of it. But again, if you have the perfect body, the confident and right attitude, you may show your body as per your liking. Daring fashionistas can pair the crop top with skater skirts or shorts. You can choose the length of your tee and the rise of your pants so you can cover or reveal as much skin as you choose.summer-fashion-shoes1Here is good news to all the ladies, tired of wearing sky high heels, or are you too scared of Buenos? Now, keep that high stilettos and the pain aside for now because 2014 is all about sneakers, kitten heels and comfy flats. Don’t limit your running shoes not only for gym but also style them with other outfit. And buy lots of pointy, strappy heels, flats and brogues because they are staying in fashion for good and for quite long time I am hoping… And the best thing is it also helps to create illusion of a long line.

A Midi skirts that are clinched in the waist with right volume, tea length with box pleats are another trend. Fall’s runway showed these midis and it is already so famous among the fashion bloggers and celebrities. Pair it with crop top to offset the length which will help you look taller.summer-fashion-full-skirtsMESH IT UP
If you see any clothing item with mesh detail on it, get that thing home.mesh-it-upSPORTY WITH SPLICE
Sporty look is another huge trend for this year. Key pieces are running shoes, leather joggers, silk bombers, tennis inspired dress, baseball caps and anything with silk panels. But just make sure you are mixing the sporty looking item with other regular items in your outfit so that people will not think you are actually planning to exercise.summer-fashion-sporty-looksOther then these, there are so much more to explore this summer white the wide legged pants, all white everything, suits, boxy silhouette, floral prints, tartans, white button downs, no-tuck-in shirts, skater skirts, asymmetrical shaped skirts etc etc… Just go through various fashion blogs to know more about it. Enjoy. 🙂
– By Stylescrap khusbu