Stylish Summer Fashion Design by Students of Namuna College

In this modern era, fashion has great importance for every person and thus people love to be in style. So, everyone remains conscious about their looks and what would be most comfortable for them to carry in this season of sun. Following are some tips and tricks for fashion-conscious ladies regarding summer fashion as imagined by the student designers of Namuna College of Fashion Technology. The student designers are the 17th batch of students pursuing their studies in the sixth semester in the college under Bachelors in fashion designing and management, BFDM. The presented are the best of sixteen design sketches and write-ups based on the theme of summer-dressing, as the result of 10 days workshop under fashion journalism conducted by media person and fashion choreographer Rojin Shakya.

By Amisha Sunam
This look is inspired by summer plants and pastel colors. The outfit consists of a one-shoulder ocean green crop top with pastel blue floral pants. The fabrics suggested for the clothes are cotton, rayon, wrinkle-free lycra cotton, and linen. The pant is full-length wide-legged giving off formal vibes. It has cut pockets on each side with two different-sized darts. The pant is further designed to complement the wearer’s figure with its high-waisted wide waistbands. Talking about the pattern, the pant consists of maple leaves, tropical leaves, lavender flowers & lantana flowers as prints. It is hence comfortable to wear with back hidden zip.

The top itself is very simple but unique at the same time. With a peasant sleeve having a wide cuff, this top also gives an illusion of drapes as it consists of pleats on the same side. The top is also designed to wear easily as it has a side zipper and it also consists of a wide waist strap which is fitting to compliment the wearers’ curve.

Thus, the overall look gives away semi-formal look and is best for brunch dates/ meetings during summer. The wearer is suggested to keep her hair straight or slightly curved at the end with a side or middle partition. The makeup is suggested to keep minimal with light touch of foundation supported by a slight touch of blush and a few strokes of mascara. To style the look further, the wearer is suggested to wear platform heels with open toes. If she, has it in pink color then that will be the best.

By Ashwini Karmacharya
The design is inspired by an “Abstract Art”. The design does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect. The design encourages involvement and imagination. The main objective of design is to provide viewers with an emotional experience with bright summer colors. The design gives an abstract vibe only choosing summer colors i.e., yellow, turquoise, purple, light green, white and pink. The design is white satin shirt followed by a corset in an abstract print and wide flared cotton pants in the same pattern. The design embellishes the wearer’s waistline with the help of corset and wide flared pant gives all the summer vibes. The design is suitable for teenage girls who decide to look chic and elegant at the same time. Minimal make-up is suggested prioritizing bright pink lips. Also, the accessories are to be kept minimal as the attire is already in bright colors. The hairstyle could be ponytail to give all that summer look.

By Brahma Pant
This is a summer evening party gown. The fabric suggested for the dress is cotton silk. The Colour selected is maroon red as it is the major color to represent party vibes. The dress is a full floor-length having slit on the right leg till the lower thigh. It is a drapery with fitted sweetheart top having series break puff with cuff at wrist with defined waist. It is suggested for the ladies in their early 20s for all types of complexion, tall figured and having hour glass figure shape. The back side of the dress is simple than the frontal part. The shoes suggested for the wearer of this dress is a pair of closed toe high heels. To shine like a celebrity, the best way to get the job done with the dress is keeping eye makeup simple and warm keeping the Smokey eye would do all. The makeup should be super neutral with just a swipe of mascara and a dash of concealer. Keeping the skin glossy, one can add some blusher on the cheeks and finish the look with highlighter by applying reflective makeup to all the right places, with this all, the wearer would simply shine as a gorgeous.

By Jharana Shrestha
This is a one-piece blue dress inspired by the waves of the ocean which is naturally blue in color. The ruched design on the dress represents the waves of the ocean.

It is a body-hugging dress which uncovers the wearer’s body type. It is perfect for summer mood specially for outdoor parties, brunch, outings and date nights. The dress is made from lycra fabric because of its stretching property and it’s also a summer friendly fabric. Blue, being a cool color itself, it’s very favorable for summer as it doesn’t attract the heat in a sunny day. The dress is suggested for the teens, young ladies and early adults. The design is kept minimal with ruched effect on side seams, and princess-line with a bust cup. The bust cup in the dress makes it more comfortable and functional to wearer for any occasion.

Simple nude make-over is recommended that would completely compliment the whole look with a wavy curly hairstyle. Ankle strap pumps, a trend heel would add perfection to the final look. Minimal accessories (tiny ring, earrings, vintage watch) and a medium sized shoulder bag would be a plus point for the whole look.

By Jyoti Rana Magar
The belief in the evil eye dates back almost 5000years to ancient Greece and Rome. It is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. Wearing evil eye as an amulet is believed to provide protection against evil forces “Jinx (evil eye) and Belle (beauty) is mainly inspired by symbol evil eye.

The material that can be used for the design are white Japanese silk, crepe, chiffon and for the embroidery the symbol evil eye is embellished with beads (Persian blue, white and sky blue). The silhouette is bodycon with flowy attached skirt. Besides, the dress has a plunging neck design with zipper at the right side for comfort and fitting. To make it look more lavishing, it’s better to be paired up with round shape bag and matching heels. A fine ponytail hairstyle would give the wearer more powerful look.

By Kanchan Gautam
This is a summer dress which have vintage touch and is suggested for gatherings like baby shower, birthdays and for the events like fashion show and product launch. The fabric suggested for is cotton, for under bust corset soft denim is suggested and for the skirt tulle net is suggested. Colour selected for this dress is shades of yellow as it is the colour that gives summer vibes and shades of brown as it compliments yellow colour perfectly. Lastly for corset black colour is selected to complete the look. The dress is imagined to knee length.
It is a dress inspired by vintage fashion. The gorgeous neckline of the dress is inspired by 60’s. Bow used in the shoulder creates vintage vibe in the outfit. The under bust corset is inspired by Victorian era fashion which gives perfect shape on a waist of the wearer. It is suggested for the lady on her 20’s who is about 5 feet 5inches tall having straight shaped body figure.

The shoes suggested for this outfit is a pair of ankle boots with high heels which will be the modern touch on the outfit. Small cylindrical bag is suggested as a matching accessory for the outfit. As for the makeup for this outfit nude shadow with dramatic cat-eye eyeliner is suggested for highlighting those gorgeous eyes.

By Kanchan Kafle
This is a party dress suggested specially to attend the wedding during summer. The fabric suggested for this outfit is cotton silk and embroidered fabric. Color selected for the top is black as it compliments other colors perfectly, for lehenga yellow colored base with colorful embroidery is suggested to create beautiful traditional look and lastly for the shawl bright magenta color is suggested.

It is an outfit inspired by Indo western fashion. The top of the dress is made strapless and shawl is attached with the top giving the blouse one shoulder top silhouette. The shawl is gathered in the shoulder creating flower like structure. The paneled lehenga compliments the blouse perfectly. This outfit is suggested for the tall figured lady on her 20’s having triangular figure shaped body. The backside of the dress is similar to the frontal part.

The shoes suggested for the wearer of this dress is a pair of high heels. As for the makeup to complete this look and to create party vibe matte skin with blushes and shimmery eyeshadows is suggested. Accessories like earrings and bangles can be added to create more attractive look.

By Nisha Sharma
Firstly, High waist length blazer with cape sleeve is suggested for the outer garment, Next one-piece dress silhouette of same colour is been used. For upper part crop top corset is offered. As per the fashion forecasters electric blue colour will boom in 2023. So, that this colour is selected. This is a summer wear suggested for semi-formal mood. Furthermore, Korean suiting fabric is suggested for the design.
For the wearer of this design, nude make-up could be complimenting. However, it can vary as per the format of the occasion. Chain is offered as a matching accessory. Lastly, Red pointed heel is recommended to complete the whole look.

By Pragya Shahi
This is a summer wear inspired from retro muse. It is a straight silhouette ankle length, fitted at bust to hip and loose downwards. It has a deep cut halter neck design tied up with stripe at the neck. It is suggested to wear on summer parties and also would go for the valentine mood. The satin and net fabric is used for this dress. The satin fabric enhances the net fabric. The net fabric is full of thread embroideries. The dress is transparent from hipline. This type of dress is suitable for both the teenage and adult ladies. The color of dress is red; suitable for all color complexion. The dress is stylish and elegant suitable for the apple shaped body type. This style would be better to team up with a pencil red pointed heel and a cherry shaped earing. The hair style can be kept simple and straight which would complement with the dress.

By Roshni Limbu
This is a summer dress and it’s inspired from “Blue Morpho Butterfly”. It is a mermaid silhouette dress suggested for the evening party. The fabric suggested for the dress is sheer chiffon and silk fabric. Color selected is blue since it illustrates the inspiration for this dress. The dress is imagined to be full length with sheer details. The dress is suggested for the hour glass figure. It has Queen Anne neckline detail which looks elegant and regal. It is suggested for classy women. The bodice is pleated and manipulated to give the appearance of butterfly wings and sleeves are modified to give fluttery effect. The dress is accessorized with pearl necklace and earrings and armlet to complete the look. High heels and smoky eye makeup is suggested for the elegant evening look.

By Rashtra Kumari Rai
This outfit is imagined for the beach date and mood of refreshment. Green color indicates the greenery of summer season and added complementary red colored heels would add sassier look to the wearer. This dress has cowl neck line with thin straps and backless back. The dress has the long slit at the right front part of dress with ruching around waist. It is filled around the waist and is suggested for an hour glass and pear-shaped body. The fabric suggested for this dress is soft georgette. This dress could be worn by the ladies of age group of sixteen to late thirties. Nude makeup can be added to elevate this beach look. Bangles and hat could be worn with this look for extra beachy effects.

By Reha Sapkota
This design was an inspiration and imagination of how someone who loves to be comfortable and is kind of a tomboy would put together an outfit. So, is styled with a cotton polo tee with vertical strips which is obviously men’s tee for sure. The bottom wear is to pair with a baggy cotton and linen mix pant tucked in with a brown belt to show some curves. It’s a trend to carry a small bag, so a black side bag with a front pocket and a space for a phone and basic things to fit it for a comfort and off course a matching black shoe is suggested in this look. For the overall looks bob cut is the perfect hairstyle which also gives a touch of the 90’s vibes.

By Samikchya Mainali
The design of dress is inspired from night sky that appears in a beautiful starry sky colour with shine of stars and a light of moon representing beauty and hope at the same time.The dress is made from shiny chiffon fabric is imagined to the full length adding extra organza from side of mid-thigh to make the wearer look more attractive. The bodycon dark coloured dress having one shoulder neckline is kept simple yet elegant highlighting the beauty bone with matching long triangle shaped earrings. Side zipper is kept for fastening. For the enhancement of the look messy up-do hairstyle fits perfectly along with neutral glam make up look with some sparkle in eyes along with eyeliner and long lashes with matching shade of lipstick. White pair of heels would be adding the confidence to the wearer. The dress is suggested for the ladies of age group of 20-28 years with fair complexion who stands five feet four inches tall.

By Sanskriti Shrestha
The costume is designed for a woman in her twenties who aspires to conquer the world while also looking stylish. The gorgeous summer flower Jacaranda is the main inspiration for this semi-formal corporate appearance. That’s why the suit’s colour is similar to that of a Jacaranda. The garments silhouette is striking and androgynous. It would be ideal for business meetings and formal occasions. The suit is constructed of cotton, while the corset worn below is made of cotton twill in a lemon-yellow colour that also evokes summer the waist-length coat has plain sleeves with a double breast as well as a hip-length corset tucked into the mid-thigh length high-waisted shorts with cross pocket. The entire appearance focuses on how to appear taller but also flaunt off those stunning legs. Accessorise with enormous golden hoop earrings, lemon-yellow ankle-length socks, black loafers, a little black suede side purse, and a pair of trendy rectangular lemon yellow framed black sunglasses are recommended to complement the ensemble. Soft and fresh glossy pink toned makeup, sleep straight hair tucked behind the ears would create a beautiful clean and polished look.

By Shital Shrestha
The elegant bodycon dress is draped by another fabric to give asymmetrical looks, perfect for events like: – award function, fashion show, product launch and other parties. The fabric suggested for draped bodycon dress is high quality cotton blend, cool, skin friendly and breathable which offers soft and comfortable feeling. The colour selected is silver-Green for the inner part and white colour for outer part. The bodycon dress is imagined to the thigh length and the draped part is imagined to the floor length.

The elegant draped concept is inspired by ancient Greek. The off-shoulder, one-sided sleeve and asymmetrical draped design would give the glamorous look while bell sleeve and flare effect provide the wearer summer vibes. The dress is recommended for the tall figured lady standing five feet six inches and would be suitable for the 18 to 40 age categories. The make-up suggested for this dress is nude make-up that look effortless, stylish and chic. The nude eye shadow applied with coats of mascara and matte nude lipstick balance the looks. This dress would go well with the silver-green high heel, emerald green earring and emerald green rings.

By Trishna Gyawali
This two-piece dress is inspired from day-to-day look. The look for the day is its reflection. This look is styled with comfort and fashion. For the upper bodice, it includes a V- shaped neckline yellow crop top fitting on the waist line, with white ruffles added on the bust line and fur added on the side shoulder would enhance the look. For the lower body, a high waisted wide denim straight ankle length jean with grunge on the thigh with flats /heels are suggested, which would add extra look to the wearer. As its summer, cotton fabric is suggested. This look would be suitable for every medium weight ladies of age group from twenties with any complexion . To complete the look, little regular makeup is suggested with open hair.


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