I want the world to know Nepal through the Miss World pageant – Subin Limbu (Miss Nepal 2014)

subin-limbu-miss-nepal-2014Subin Limbu aspires to be a successful entrepreneur in the future. A graduate and MBA student, she hopes to work in the brand marketing sector and wishes to known as a successful entrepreneur in Nepal. Few conversations are presented here with the simple girl who won the crown of Miss Nepal this year.

# Eyes on the blue crown, how happy are you?
I can’t explain in words. Even after the announcement of my name .I was thinking if it is a dream or reality. I don’t think we can express happiness ever if it is the happiest one.

# How did you celebrate afterwards?
Until now, I have not been able to express it openly and with ease .The media, friends and relatives are keeping me busy right now.

# Did you expect to win?
Everyone expects them to win but all the contestants deserved and so i was not expecting much.

# How scared and exited were you when your name was announced in top ten ,t op five and the Finale round ?
Until, top ten and top five, I felt like I was practicing in the training so I was not that scared .But before the final round, I was not expecting much as I had not given a nice answer to the Judge Rukhmangadh Katawal.

# You were asked about the youth in both top five and final round, were you prepared beforehand?
I knew the problems of youth were unemployment and I had prepared before hand in this subject.

# Have you always wished to win the Miss Nepal title?
I had been participating in different beauty pageants in 2010; I had participated in Miss Mongol. I realized participating in such events would not only help in modeling but other aspects of my life. I had participated in Miss Nepal to groom myself.

# Now that you have won the title, you are now a celebrity, how has this changed your previous goals?
I am determined to fulfill my goals. I think this title will help me achieve my aim to do something in the corporate world. My aim has been broadened due to the title. Before I used to think for myself but now I have the responsibility to think for youth of my country. My dreams are getting bigger.

# What will be your priority now?
I am aiming of the blue crown of Miss World winning the title of Miss World is my priority. I want the world to know Nepal through the Miss World pageant similar to how the Nepalese National cricket team has.

# since the previous Miss Nepal had gained a lot of limelight in the Miss World pageant, do you think if a challenge is for you?
Everyone calls it is a challenge but I think an encouragement, Because of their achievements, we are hopeful.

# Aren’t you the only one in your family who is living in Nepal?
My father said that even if the other countries have more facilities than Nepal, life is much harder, so, he had a huge influence on me not leave the country. I think he was right.

# From where did you get interested in the business world?
Most of the men in my community are soldiers .Although, they earn quite well they have to live far away from home. While, living in Dharan I observed closely the marwadi community. They are close with their family by doing business there, I got inspired towards the field of business.

# How much are you interested in the field of acting and modeling?
I used to do modeling but left it while I was studying .Right now I have not thought much about modeling and acting I am focused on my priority goal right now.

– By Jayan Subba Manandhr


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