Saroj Khanal’s Directorial Debut ‘Bagan’ Teaser Released – Discover the Journey of a Single Woman

The teaser for the Nepali film ‘Bagan,’ directed by actor Saroj Khanal, is now out. The teaser offers a glimpse into the story of a single woman, portrayed by the talented actress Karisma Manandhar. Get ready to experience this cinematic delight when the movie hits theaters on July 14th, 2023 (29 Asar 2080).

In the teaser of ‘Bagan,’ we get to see the dreams and aspirations of a single woman, along with the way her family treats her. The teaser features a fantastic cast, including Saroj Khanal, Karisma Manandhar, Akash Shrestha, and the promising newcomer Pramila Karki. You’ll also spot Neer Shah, Bashundhara Bhushal, and Mithila Sharma, who add their brilliance to the movie. It’s worth mentioning that ‘Bagan’ marks Saroj Khanal’s debut as a director, and the screenplay is penned by Swapnil Nirav.

Excitingly, ‘Bagan’ is set to be screened in various countries, including Nepal and America. Rich Entertainment, DCN, and FD Company are responsible for distributing the movie, ensuring that it reaches audiences worldwide.

Save the date and get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ‘Bagan.’ It’s a heartfelt story that beautifully captures the journey of a single woman, filled with emotions and relatable moments that will surely resonate with audiences of all ages.


‘Bagan’ is proudly presented by the well-known Nepali website dot com. Suresh Wagle serves as the producer, with Vinod Manandhar as the executive producer. The movie boasts stunning visuals by Director of Photography, Gauri Shankar Dhuju. Utsav Dahal and Narayan JC have skillfully handled the cinematography, while the editing has been expertly done by Arjun JC, Rajesh Shah, and Sandesh Shah. The visual effects have been crafted by Sameer Mian, and the color correction is by Rhenish Fago. The background score, composed by Sujil Karmacharya, and the sound mixing, overseen by Mukesh Shah, add depth and richness to the film.


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