Rajja Rani is set to release in Maithili Language too

The film production company Aaryan Films has announced Upcoming romantic film Rajja Rani is to dubbed in the Maithili language too. The announcement was made following an agreement between the film producer Ramesh MK Poudel and distribution company Bhor Pvt Ltd.

‘We hope that the deal first of its kind in the country—will go on to set an example and foster the domestic market for regional Nepali films’ said MK Poudel.

At a time when regional and indigenous films are struggling to even get to theatre for screening, the recent deal comes off as a welcome move. In September this year, Mairinmo, a Gurung-language film, was released in Pokhara, the first time in years that an indigenous film saw regular screenings in commercial theatres. Prior to this, indigenous films were by and large limited to film festival circuits and charity shows.

Speaking to the Post earlier this year, Purkhjajit Rai, the secretary of the Association of Indigenous Films, said that although indigenous films continue to be produced, their development has been at a virtual standstill. ‘Even after indigenous films are produced, they don’t find theatres willing to screen the film’ said Rai. ‘The indigenous films today are limited to charity shows and screenings among limited audiences. For a nationwide release, the producers have to fork out a lot of money. We hope this will change in due time and this festival will pave way for a wider acceptance of regional and indigenous films’

Even though Rajja Rani was filmed in Nepali, the film’s being released in Maithili is expected to set a benchmark in the narrow scene of indigenous language films.

Shot entirely in Nepalgunj and surrounding areas, Rajja Rani features actors Keki Adhikari, Nazir Hussain, Kameshor Chaurasiya, Deepak Kshetri, Arun Regmi, Sarita Rajopadhya, and Anooj Pandey, among others. Rajja Rani will release nationwide on January 5.


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