Nepal Fashion week 2014 | Second Day

Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu – 24th April 2014, the second day of TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2014 featured some hundred dresses on the ramp through ten different sequences comprising of ten dresses on each of the sequence. The day was all about the students of IEC college of Art & Fashion. It started off with the collection by designer duo Ceily Tuladhar and Kriety Manandhar that portrayed elegant femininity together with bright, playful, colorful and abstract patterns accompanied by casual cuts, modern design and prints, showcasing elegance and free flowing spirit. Digital printed pure crepe and georgette, printed chiffon and satin viscose were the major fabrics been used to bring up the designs like mermaid cut floor length skirts accompanied by playfully printed arty tops and classic shirts tied to a knot to add a hint of modern touch and contemporary look. The sequence ended with an Indian model named Erika as the showstopper.
nepal-fashion-week-2014The second sequence performed was been inspired by the fruits named as desire of colors and to complement with the title of the collection, the colors like light green, lemon yellow, purple, orange, navy blue and sky blue were been the beauty of the creativity. The casual line of attires were all made in A-Line silhouette. Rikesh Kasti, Chandra Shekhar Rajbanshi and Nirajan Rana Magar were the persons responsible for this. Angel of sea entered on the ramp in the third round of the presentation. The collection presented evening gowns in mermaid style. The colors like bluish green, yellowish green, violet and golden were the major colors. Plane surface and jacquard prints were the highlights on the dresses created by Shreesha Sapkota.

nisha-adhikari-nepal-fashion-week-2014Next came the casual line of dresses designed by Rama Devi Shrestha and Kusum Sanjel. The collection presented dresses ranging from short to long in terms length of the dress. Chiffon, braso, net and satin were the major fabrics been used. The collection was played on various neck lines, tube style being the highlight.

Though first four presentations were almost similar besides some distinct difference in between, the fifth presentation became something to break the monotonous sense. It was all about of the effect of polka dots. With the use of effect of polka dots as the highlight of the sequence the effect was been presented on the net fabric where as satin, tissue and velvet were the major fabric been used. The collection designed by Nisha Khadgi, Sunil Shrestha and Khusbu Rana Magar featured the floor length garments complementing to evening party mood.

The Gothic mood entered the stage in the sixth round where the designers Sabitri Budhathoki, Mamta Rai and Manita Satyal were found investing their effort inspired by space and darkness. To complement the mood dark colors specially black was been found used while blue and maroon were other additional colors. The use of Black leather was dominant in the collection while lycra was other complimenting fabric. The short fitted, loose fitting at lower was the major silhouette while the collection seemed to semi formal and party wear range. Just contrasting to this mood the very next entered the royalty look created by Raj Rokaya, Sonu, Babita and Rijana with attires all in full length gown style ornamented with the use of head gear, batches and necklace to complement the royal look. Velvet was the major fabric dominating this collection while chiffon did get the space to used. The collection got its stoppage from the beauty queen turned actress Nisha Adhikari who was been dressed up in white bridal attire somehow resembling a Christian bride.tgif-nepal-fashion-week-2014Designers Sanju Gurung, Priti Gurung and Dinesh Gurung then came up with their collection inspired by sweets and desserts with the use of pastel colors. The collection brought up the dresses almost all of them being in A-line silhouette with the casual mood. The variation in necklines was the highlight of the collection. The second last sequence of day second of Nepal fashion week was another treat for the eyes. The floral 3D by Sana Banu was something different to witness with the use of 3D effect of floral touch on the dresses. Glamourous necklines, knee length and knee high dresses along with cropped tops were the highlight of this collection. Radiant, orchid, maroon, royal blue and green were the colors been played on the fabrics like lycra, lace and satin.

The second of Nepal fashion week organized by APCA events in collaboration IEC designing institute ended up with the show stopper walk of Miss Newa 1134 Alisha Bajracharya. It was creative and interesting presentation by Rajesh Nepal with the use and combination of two colors the black and the white. With fitted knee high attires having different necklines, the collection had patch work, two layered illusion and draping as its highlight.

Well the 3D mapping effect continued to be major asset of this year’s fashion week and of course the music scoring being other interesting part. More yet to come to be witnessed. Till then be updated with us.
Text by Rojin Shakya | Images Courtesy: Mahesh Pradhan

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