Nepal Fashion Week 2014 | 2nd Day Images

nepal-fashion-week-201424th April 2014, the second day of TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2014 featured some hundred dresses on the ramp through ten different sequences comprising of ten dresses on each of the sequence. The day was all about the students of IEC college of Art & Fashion. It started off with the collection by designer duo Ceily Tuladhar and Kriety Manandhar that portrayed elegant femininity together with bright, playful, colorful and abstract patterns accompanied by casual cuts, modern design and prints, showcasing elegance and free flowing spirit. Digital printed pure crepe and georgette, printed chiffon and satin viscose were the major fabrics been used to bring up the designs like mermaid cut floor length skirts accompanied by playfully printed arty tops and classic shirts tied to a knot to add a hint of modern touch and contemporary look. The sequence ended with an Indian model named Erika as the showstopper. READ MORE>>
Images Courtesy: Mahesh Pradhan


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