National Costume of Nepal Revealed for Miss Supranational 2021

the national costume has become a very important aspect for any delegate representing an international Pageant.  Because the national costume solely represents the country’s nationality, art, culture, tradition, craftsmanship, heritage, and many other elements that define the nation.

In this regard recently the National Costume of Miss Supranational Nepal Shimal Kanaujiya has been revealed. The lady is currently competing at Miss Supranational 2021 being held in Poland.

The national costume of Miss Supranational Nepal Shimal is a Tribute to The Gurkhas, who are known to be fearless in combat, good-natured in daily life, and to this day been renowned for their loyalty, professionalism, and bravery. The dress is designed from the ceremonial dress of Gurkhas.

Hand embroidery and embellishment are done throughout the fabric and shoe to enhance the costume’s elegance. The famous curved knife signifies the bravery of Gurkhas which says, Better die than to be a coward”. Waving and flaunting the crimson flag on this international platform, this costume represents our symbolic, eternal gratitude and tribute to the Gurkhas.

The National costume is been the result of the creative heads and skillful hands of the designing team of the 15th graduated batch of Namuna College of Technology which includes the team of Arpana Sharma Dhakal, Asmita Rai, Dawa Jangbu Sherpa, Kalpana Bishwokarma, Meela Bajracharya, Ojaswi Paudyal, Rabina Manandhar, Samana Khatri, Samina Bajracharya, Samyami Adhikari, Srijana Karmakar, Sunena Tamrakar, Susata Adhikari and Sushma Chaudhary.

Thre pictures of Shimal wearing the National costume were shot by Aayush Shrestha from Madlad Productions and was assisted by Abinay, Prashrin Khwaunju, and Safal KC. The make-up was been performed by Ananeke beauty salon. The shots were been conceptualized and Directed by Rachana Gurung Sharma and was been performed at Aloft Kathmandu.


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