Hrithik, Suzane and Arjun Rampal lambast media for ‘false news’

ArjunRampaalHrithik Roshan and her former wife Suzane Khan have been venting their fury against media after completing their legal procedure of divorce. Arjun Rampal, the actor said to be behind the separation, has also been up in arms against the media.

They said that after the separation of the famous Bollywood couple, media transmitted imaginative news for scoop. News that relationship Arjun and his wife Mehr has run in trouble after the news that Rampal caused the divorce were seen in media.

Then Hrithik took to twitter to express his anger and wrote “If you people knew how much false news is printed, the papers would actually stop selling. I am disgusted 2day.”

Suzane has also aided the Hrithik’s campaign. “It is with great disappointment I have read Meena Iyer’s article today, titled, ‘Is Arjun to blame for the Mehr-Sussanne friendship taking a severe beating.’ This piece is an example of speculation and rumor mongering. Not the slightest effort was made to reach me to ask for my inputs into an article that deals with my life,” the actress wrote.

Recently, the Bombay Times had reported that Arjun-Mehar relation has reached critical juncture and owing to which the relation between Arjun and Suzane has increased.

Arjun Rampal too tweeted in support of his wife Mehr and good friend Sussanne. “Bombay Times, who paid you? Who are these faceless accusers? If you have the guts reveal them first. Stay away from me and my family,” Arjun wrote.


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