huma qureshi

It’s difficult to overlook Huma Qureshi. Even in that testosterone-filled and bullet-riddled epic ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, she showed up her acting chops in delectable ways. Not flinching for a moment even when Nawazuddin was chewing up the rest of the frame. But will Huma’s career be defined only by that cameo star turn? Because these days, she gets to hog the limelight more for her unflinching comments about the Indian government and some of its agenda-pushing policies. Each media interaction has this 34-year-old model turned actor veering into the political space when she would have been better off touting a movie she has acted in. But even the choice of movies and TV series – ‘Leila’ on Netflix – is getting caught up in the political heat and dust of the present. Just a minute of her showing up on ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ lights up what is essentially a film about base human emotions and the darkest of deeds. That sort of talent needs more such platforms, not blaring headlines about her politics.

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