Heritage Pageants 2020 is opened

The fifth edition of Heritage Pageants 2020 is been opened. The event is designed for ladies of all nationalities from all over the world between the ages of 18 to 45 years age categories: Miss Heritage International 18 – 27 Mrs. Heritage International 20 – 45. The event is been scheduled to be hosted at Malaysia from 11th of April to 20th April 2020 and grand coronation of the event would take place on 18th of April 2020.

Heritage Pageants 2020 is being organized by Eplanet Private Limited, Singapore. The organizing team is headed by Santosh Sapkota as the chairperson and Culvin Mavunga as the President for the company. For the event Mr. Rojin Shakya from Nepal would be the official choreographer while Simran Deenz Ahuza from India and Rojin Shakya from Nepal would jointly be hosting the event. The event would be coordinated by Susan Sanfurmi Koh.

HERITAGE PAGEANTS is a beautiful journey that will take participants along from initiative to perfection. Before the culmination of the event, grooming sessions will be conducted to help participants bring out their true beauty that is a combination of virtue, intelligence and presence of mind, during grooming sessions we will be focused P.E.T.C.H – peace, environment, tourism, culture and heritage. Apart from it, this event opens a huge gate of opportunities to all.

Prior to this the inaugural edition Miss Heritage International was launched in the year 2014 and had 12 delegates from various countries of the World. The event took place at Kathmandu, Nepal on 5th of December 2014. Hla Yin Kyae from Myanmar succeeded to wear the winning crown of Miss Heritage international 2014. The second edition of the pageant took place at New Delhi, India on 12th of December 2015 in a grand way at Ashoka Country Resort in New Delhi, India.

The event saw girl hailing from Vietnam Victoria Pham wear the tiara of Miss Heritage International 2015. In the inaugural edition of Mrs. Heritage International 2015, Rajani Thapa from Nepal bagged the title awards.

The 3rd edition of Heritage pageants was been concluded on 9th December 2016 at Sri Lanka. The finale of the event was conducted near by the Beruwala beach side at Sri Lanka came to the end finalizing Jenelle Thongs from Trinidad & Tobago as the winner of Miss Heritage International 2016.

Likewise Hillary Makaya from Zimbabwe took away the title award of Miss Teen Heritage International 2016 while Jade Peddle Pyi from Myanmar was crowned as Mrs. Heritage International 2016.

This year Heritage pageants had its inaugural edition for Mister Heritage International, where Tshepiso Khumalo from South Africa was been awarded as Mister Heritage International 2016.

The 4th edition of Heritage pageants was been completed on 16th of February 2019 at Singapore. In grand coronation conducted at Uncle Ringo Kindness Carnival, Beauty World, Singapore; Gulbano Madiyarova kissed the title awards of Miss Heritage International 2019. In the event Vidhya Kiran Ghare from India topped as Mrs. Heritage International 2019.

The event also saw Nann Khan Wai from Myanmar being crowned as Miss plus size heritage diamond 2019 and Mansi Sanjay Dighe from India being crowned as Miss plus size heritage ruby 2019 as the winners of inaugural edition of Plus size Heritage event.


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