Dilip Rayamajhi rejected to publicity of the film

dilip-rayamajhiGlamour Nepal, Kathmandu
A film actor has rejected to publicity campaign of the film after disliking the title. According to director Manoj Shrestha, actor Dilip Rayamajhi has refused to participate in promotional activities of the movie until its names gets changed.

“The film shouldn’t be named BIDHAWA. Better get an english word,” Shrestha said quoting Dilip, “ I can’t walk in publicity until the name of the film is changed.”

Director Shrestha said that the name of the film won’t be changed at any cost. “These acts don’t suits artists,” he said, “The question is of work not the name”.

Along with Deepak, Sonu Ghimire, Manoj Shrestha among others has acted in the film slated to be released on Poush 11. The film has raised issues of child widow and caste discrimination.

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