Dazzling Diva of Bulgaria by Nabina Karki

This creative exploration travels from the country Bulgaria located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, rich in its colorful tradition and costumes.


The headgear of the dress represents the world heritage Rila Monastery – the beacon of Bulgarian spirit. Then at the neckline, pompom with beads work is used as a neckband. The bodice has embellishment on satin fabric made of roses and patched on it.

The lower part is a dome shaped skirt representing Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari. The skirt is embossed with several prints and glasses. Then at the lower part of the skirt, sculptures of Thracian Tomb are placed. The edges of skirt are enriched with many golden bells which represent the festival Kukeri.


It is a festival where men are dressed-up in handmade masks and bells hang off them. Finally above the ankle, multi colored tassels are used as a leg band representing the tradition Baba Mata. These tassels called Martenitsa are exchanged between people with wishes of health, luck and happiness. The back part of the dress is like petal shaped placed and held by sticks at the waist line.

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This shape is embellished with the ceiling painting inspired Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak. At the mid of the shape, the flag symbol is placed. The colorful pompom with beads work are placed and hung from the waist line. At the lower back part of the skirt is enriched with the prints inspired from their national dress.


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