Bubbly by behavior Sarah Chitrakar


Sarah Chitrakar | Photo Courtesy: Season Media

Glamour Nepal, A plus graduate who is now enjoying her teenage life at 17, Sarah Chitrakar is our new Miss E-College 2014, the fifth season edition of the event organized by Season Media Pvt Ltd showcased at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal. Currently pursuing her further studies at Prasadi Academy Sarah is the girl been raised up at Thecho, Lalitpur. Virgo by zodia sign, having an aim to be an entrepreneur she loves to drive herself in the literature. Sarah considers being addressed as cheerful for multiple times as her plus point whereas she says, ‘ As per my minus point, I am super lazy when it comes to household chores.’


Sarah Chitrakar | Photo Courtesy: Season Media

Sarah defines
# herself as a charismatic, enthusiastic girl with a positive mind-set, who is open in learning new things.

# being happy is being content. It’s not the material things, nor being loved or recognized. Being happy is accepting who you are and what you are not.

# being successful for me is when you look back and find your today better than your yesterday that is being successful.

# being fashionable means presenting yourself in a way that makes you look good, comfortable and feel good about yourself. And I do not think it is restricted to a body type or a skin tone.

What made you join Miss E-COLLEGE 2014?
The reason why I joined Miss E-college 2014 was to explore myself and to be productive so that I can contribute my part to family, society and the nation.

What positive changes did you experience after joining the competition?
I have become more confident in my ability to achieve success in my endeavors. I have become more able to express myself articulately. The competition is been like a stepping stone to more wondrous things to follow.

What made you win the competition?
I think my hard work and dedication for the competition paid off. It was also because of my mother’s love and support, also the support that I got from people around me served as an encouragement for me.

Would you like to go abroad for better education or you believe education in Nepal is enough for you to move in your career. Why?
As much as I would like to stay to close to my roots, the social structure in Nepal is such that it leaves very little space for your personal development. The exposure and experiences gained in abroad studies can do wonders for your sense of independence. Having said that, I am a person who goes with the flow and very connected to my family here so only time will tell what I will actually do.

One word interaction with Sarah
One word to define your behavior: Bubbly
A bird you resemble with: Swan
A flower you resemble with: Orchid
Other than human being which animal could be your best friend: Dog



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