Choreographer Aswini Jha honored with National Youth Talent Award 2077

Fashion and Pageant Choreographer Aswini Kant Jha has received National Youth Talent Award 2077 with prize money worth rupees one lakh. Mr. Jha was been honored for his continuous and significant contribution and achievement in the field of fashion and pageantry. Mr. Jha received the award in a special ceremony hosted at the Office of Ministry of Youth and Sports at Singha Durbar on Tuesday 22nd December 2020.

On the occasion along with Mr. Jha people from different sectors were been honored. The other awardees include Devika Budhathoki for Local Business, Tanka Bahadur Nepali (Sarki) for Science and Technology, Raut & Sons Multi-Purpose Agriculture Farm Pvt. Ltd. for agriculture business, Dhirendra Chand for Wildlife and Environment Conservation, Sunita Chhetri for Local Business and Handicraft, Lu Nibha Baal Sarokar Samuha for Education and Social. All the awardees were been honored by the then Minister of Youth and Sports, Jagat Bahadur Sunar (Bishwokarma).

The awardee of National Youth Talent Award 2077, Aswini hails from Kabilasi 7, Gair Bazaar, Sarlahi, and has been involved in the field of fashion and pageant choreography both at the national and international level. So far he has showcased his outstanding skills in directing around two hundred fashion events. Mr. Jha has been the first person to receive the category of its kind from the Government of Nepal. On receiving the award Mr. Jha extended gratitude towards the government and mentioned that this sort of recognition from the government’s part is praiseworthy and would encourage talents from different fields to become more responsible and professional.