21 Beauties in The Battle of Miss Nepal 2020

The battlefield is all set, the chase has started, 21 beauties from different course of life, with different missions, are all giving their best to be the chosen one for the most coveted title of the year Miss Nepal 2020. The finale of The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2020 is scheduled on Saturday 5th December 2020 at Park Village Resort, excluding the live audience presence.

Right here at glamournepal.com, we bring some interesting facts about 21 finalists of the 2020 edition of Miss Nepal pageant. Among the 21 beauties competing; 13 of them, Arnica Rajbhandari, Yojana Bhattarai, Sija Chaulagain, Sanjana Panta, Riya Shrestha, Ayesha Shrestha, Merisa Singh Suwal, Shimal Kanaujiya, Rushmita Shahi, Supriya Shrestha, Namrata Shrestha, Pragati Shrestha, Astika Shrestha are representing Kathmandu.

Likewise, Aayushma Shrestha and Neha Sarkar hail from Chitwan whereas Shubhangi Khatri and Junu Twayana belong to Bhaktapur. In the competition, Rajani Chaudhary is representing Morang, Nigata K.C. Dang Sona Shrestha Kaavrepalanchowk, and Sandhya Sharma representing Mohattari.

Among the total participants, 12 of them belong to Newar community and the majority of them are Shrestha. As per the age, contestant number 1 Aayushma Shrestha is the youngest of all, she is 19 years of age. Contestant number 2 Rajani Chaudhary is the tallest among all the contestants. She stands six feet tall. Likewise, contestant number 11 Ayesha Shrestha and contestant number 15 Sona Shrestha stands five feet and eight inches tall.

Like previous editions, the 2020 batch of Miss Nepal pageant does have contestants who had pageantry, modeling, or media background. Among the contestants, contestant number 4 Arnica Rajbhandari has been part of Model Hunt Nepal 2017 organized by Next Models Nepal and won the category of socially responsible. Likewise, contestant number 5 Junu Twayana has been part of the 12th season of Miss Newa 1137 organized by Nepalese Fashion Home.

Contestant number 6 Yojana Bhattarai has been the winner of Miss Diva Nepal 2018 organized by White Pearl Entertainment. Likewise, contestant number 9 Sajana Panta has been the winner of Model Superstar Nepal season 2 organized by Promoting Solution Modeling Agency. Among other contestants who have been in the pageant earlier is contestant number 11, Ayesha Shrestha. She has been part of Miss Intercontinental Nepal 2017 organized by Dpas International Pvt. Ltd. In the competition, Ayesha was one of the top five finalists Contestant and was successful to earn Miss Congeniality award.

Contestant number 14 Shimal Kanaujiya has been part of En’ Vogue by House of Fashion Nepal. Also been a runway model and freelance emcee while contestant number 16 Rushmita Shahi has been the winner of Princess Nepal 2014 organized by Nepalese Fashion Home.

Contestant number 17 Supriya Shrestha has been in media and worked for Image Channel as Television Presenter and Producer. Also been freelance emcee and model.

Contestant number 18 Namrata Shrestha is second-time entrant for Miss Nepal pageant. Earlier, Namrata has been part of Miss Nepal 2016. Coincidentally she was also tagged as contestant number 18 at her first appearance in Miss Nepal 2016. In the competition, she was one of the top 5 finalists.

Contestant number 20 Pragati Shrestha has been the winner of Miss BBA 2016 organized by Buzz Media and events. She was also part of En’ Vogue volume 5 organized by House of Fashion Nepal. The lady is one of the noted professional runway model and also been working as a freelance emcee.

The making of Miss Nepal 2020 is ongoing and we would be bringing more about its making, So be updated with us.

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