Women Pride “Bold and Beautiful” by Shreena Maharjan

Fashion designers are the creators of new fashion line and they do bear social responsibility by creating awareness through their designing skills. Here we bring imagination, creativity and designing skills of the fashion designers. – By Rojin Shakya


Women Pride “Bold and Beautiful” Design by Shreena Maharjan | Model: Karma Yangen

The creative gown is in full length using two different types of fabric i.e. linen and tissue. The tissue fabric resembles the soft and sweet lady and linen fabric having solid look and well drapery effect which resemble strength as well as success. The upper portion is made from linen fabric with broad shoulder and wide stand collar with narrow cleavage neckline. The lower portion is made from tissue. To balance the upper portion, the lower portion has narrow pleats above knee line which gives fullness and to volume to the garment. Full length sleeve with tissue fabric symbolizes feminine look. The front wide strap constructed in pleated form having medals symbolizes achievements and it continues to the backside of the design in a crisscrossed braid form. Linen fabric is draped at the hip level from waist line till above knee line to enhance the hour glass silhouette.creative-legacy-6