Uniting Women Across The World: Heritage Pageants 2023

Eplanet Pte. Limited in Singapore is organizing the sixth edition of Heritage Pageants 2023, an international pageant designed exclusively for young and married women. The event aims to bring together beauty queens from diverse geographical backgrounds onto a common platform, providing a lifetime opportunity for delegates from different cultural backgrounds to share, exchange, explore, experience and learn from one another. It also aims to foster international understanding, friendship, and goodwill among the delegates. The event is a global platform to promote and foster the understanding of heritage, tourism, culture, ethnicity, human values, and friendship.

The event is open to women of all nationalities between the ages of 18 to 45 years old, with two categories: Miss Heritage International 18-27 and Mrs. Heritage International 20-45. It will take place in Thailand from November 18 to 27, 2023, and will be headed by Santosh Sapkota as the chairperson, with Rojin Shakya from Nepal as the official choreographer while Wesley Saw from Malaysia and Rojin Shakya from Nepal would jointly be run the event. The event would be coordinated by Susan Sanfurni Koh from Singapore and local coordinator Fontip Sriwaranyoo from Thailand.

Eplanet Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, is a one-stop solution for planning memorable events globally. They offer customized integrated in-house services for various kinds of events, including pageants, musical and cultural events, award functions, expos, conventions, and corporate events.

Heritage pageants started in 2014, with the inaugural edition being hosted in Kathmandu, Nepal. The second edition was showcased in New Delhi, India, in 2015, followed by the third edition in Sri Lanka in 2016. The fourth edition took place in Singapore in 2019, and the fifth edition was held in Malaysia in 2022.

Journey of Heritage pageants

The Miss Heritage International pageant debuted in 2014 with 12 contestants from around the world. The event took place in Kathmandu, Nepal on December 5, 2014, and Hla Yin Kyae from Myanmar was crowned the winner. The following year, the pageant was held at the Ashoka Country Resort in New Delhi, India on December 12, 2015, and Victoria Pham from Vietnam took home the title of Miss Heritage International 2015. Meanwhile, Rajani Thapa from Nepal won the inaugural Mrs. Heritage International pageant in 2015.

The third edition of the Heritage pageants was held on December 9, 2016, in Sri Lanka, near the Beruwala beach. Jenelle Thongs from Trinidad & Tobago was crowned as Miss Heritage International 2016, while Hillary Makaya from Zimbabwe was named Miss Teen Heritage International 2016, and Jade Peddle Pyi from Myanmar was crowned Mrs. Heritage International 2016. The inaugural Mister Heritage International pageant was also held in 2016, and Tshepiso Khumalo from South Africa was named the winner.

The fourth edition of the Heritage pageants took place on February 16, 2019, in Singapore. Gulbano Madiyarova from Kazakhstan won the Miss Heritage International 2019 title, while Vidhya Kiran Ghare from India was crowned Mrs. Heritage International 2019.

The most recent edition of the Heritage pageants, the fifth, was held on November 18, 2022, at the Mega Star Arena in Viva Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Anna Kirillina from Russia was crowned as Miss Heritage International 2022, with Khuslen Bayarpat from Mongolia as the first runner-up, Chalifah Fabriana from Indonesia as the second runner-up, Alina Safronova from Latvia as the third runner-up, and Joyce Lim from Malaysia as the fourth runner-up. Meanwhile, Fontip Sriwaranyoo from Thailand won the title of Mrs. Heritage International 2022, with Kimberly Moens from the Netherlands as the first runner-up, Gauri Ashok Thorat from India as the second runner-up, Corrine Lim from Singapore as the third runner-up, and Cristhel Fraulein Bulabon from the Philippines as the fourth runner-up.


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