Tiny challenges are the most exciting part – Bishwo Gautam (Fashion Designer)

Bishwo Gautam (BG) a self-made person. A fashion designer and an entrepreneur who has contributed a lot to the Nepalese fashion industry. Bishwo Gautam created history in 2011 by hosting his own solo show, which was one of its kinds. He gets Inspired from the rich history of haute couture. His ability to create a fashionable trend with an elegance look can be seen on his masterpieces. BG exports most of his designs from Europe to America. Taking from models, actors, actresses, celebrities and high clientele people he has also been the official designer for Miss Nepal US 2013.

What would you say is an ideal day for you?
Go to work, get wonderful results and new designs, see the employees working hard, limited meetings, eating on time, some leisure time to chat with friends and family and maybe some time for YouTube, go home, watch some television with wife and son and then sleep.

What do you like most about yourself?
Hmm, I’ll say I am very hard working and dedicated person especially to my work. My passion for fashion is what keeps me going for new ideas. I am very organized and very picky.

What was it like working with Miss World Yukta Mookhey?
It was lovely to work with her. It was also challenging to make sure the design fit her perfectly because I did not have her proper measurements. Her attitude since our meeting until our farewell was perfect – she was always happy and really laid back. I had felt a lot of responsibility on my back designing a dress for Miss World. I felt, as I was not only creating a design but also representing my country.

What projects are you involved in now and what are your plans for the future?
For now, I’m quite busy making designs for celebrities while going to a couple of Movie Premieres and events. I’m working on my Spring/Summer collection and staying open to other interesting opportunities as well as preparing for my next solo show. I plan on making BG recognizable internationally and opening many outlets in and out of the country.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Well, fashion design is a whole process and it’s difficult to pick the part I like the best. But I think that the most important and challenging part of the process is when you translate your drawing into a real piece. Working with the fabrics and other textiles, you can come across many difficulties because the materials might be problematic, or perhaps the idea on paper is not that easy to bring into reality. So overcoming those tiny challenges are the most exciting part for me in the whole design process.

——- By Jayan subba manandhar


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